My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 415 - She Wants to Exact Revenge on the Gu Family (1)

Chapter 415: She Wants to Exact Revenge on the Gu Family (1)

This voice was too familiar to Xu Weilai that she does not even need to look to know who it was. When she lifted her head up, she saw Zhou Meiqi’s provocative gaze.

Xu Weilai wasn’t surprised that she would appear here, for Zhou Meiqi would never miss the opportunity to embarrass her. This time, she probably wouldn’t go easy on her attacks as well.

As expected, Zhou Meiqi proceeded to ask, “Miss Xu, your engagement was annulled three years ago and you’ve already been thoroughly humiliated in the social circle of the wealthy. The Xu family was also humiliated because of you. As far as I know, your family even exiled you and left you abroad without giving you any living expenses. You were left to fend for yourself, weren’t you?”

Xu Weilai was an arch-enemy whom Zhou Meiqi regarded as her mortal enemy and she had utilised all her means to get to know everything about Xu Weilai. Thus, even though she was asking a question, she sounded sure of herself.

Zhou Meiqi smiled and continued, “You worked part-time overseas and had to work hard every single day in order to survive. Subsequently, you joined Z magazine publication company and for the sake of news, you were subjected to danger multiple times. You nearly lost your life as well, didn’t you?”

Xu Weilai pursed her lips and remained silent, for she knew that Zhou Meiqi would not make such claims without evidence. Zhou Meiqi was laying the foundation for the instant when she could bring her down and Xu Weilai needed to keep her cool so that she could find the opportunity to strike back.

If she lost her composure from the start, she would only be at a disadvantage.

In the face of Xu Weilai’s silence, Zhou Meiqi became even bolder. After sweeping one glance at every single person, she said unhurriedly, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the reason I’m saying this is because I want everyone to know that Xu Weilai is not only shameless but also extremely vicious and horrifying!”

The other reporters halted their questions when they heard what she said and everyone turned to look at her in anticipation of what she would say next.

Everyone else’s attention was also focused on her and Zhou Meiqi basked in the joy of being the centre of attraction. Her eyes flashed with immense excitement and she spoke even louder, “Miss Xu suffered so much because of the annulled engagement three years ago. How could she not hold a grudge against the Gu family and Mr. Gu? Thus, after she returned to the country, she intentionally approached Mr. Gu and used despicable methods to force him to marry her. Not only is she not contented with the one billion dollars that she received from the Gu family, she even wants the Gu family to announce to the world that she is the new mistress of the Gu family. She’s doing this for revenge and her goal is to embarrass Mr. Gu and ruin the Gu family’s reputation so that they will become a laughing stock just like her!”

After she said this, everyone stared at Xu Weilai in horror.

Shamelessness and viciousness were two different concepts. Everyone would mock her if she was shameless for the sake of obtaining the status as the mistress of the Gu family. At most, they would only despise her. But viciousness was a big deal.

It was a family’s misfortune to marry such a woman and she could even bring down the entire family any time.

“So Zhou Meiqi’s trump card is to accuse me of doing all these for the sake of exacting revenge on the Gu family,” Xu Weilai mused.

This time, Zhou Meiqi’s move was rather surprising for Xu Weilai and she had to give her credit for that. With her intelligence, it was almost impossible for Zhou Meiqi to fabricate such a serious accusation against her.

The reporters and guests could no longer hold themselves back and began to express their opinions.

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