My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 414 - Sudden Change (2)

Chapter 414: Sudden Change (2)

This was a private party and no media was invited. All reporters were stopped at the gates and it was puzzling that they managed to barge in at this moment.

It was not surprising for reporters to want an exclusive scoop, but they had to consider who the party involved was. The Gu family was not one to be trifled with but right now, all the reporters were acting as if they could not care less about the consequences of their actions. Did something serious happen?

The reporters pointed their microphones at Mr. Gu Sr. and began to flood him with questions.

Reporter A asked, “Mr. Gu Sr,, is the agreement that was circulated online just now true? Did Xu Weilai resort to despicable means to force the Gu family to marry her and give her one billion dollars?”

Reporter B added on, “Mr. Gu Sr., Xu Weilai has such a terrible character. Do you really accept her as the mistress of the Gu family? Aren’t you afraid of destroying the Gu family’s hundred years worth of reputation?”

Reporter C interrupted, “Mr. Gu Sr., what does Xu Weilai have on you? Is there some shameful secret in the Gu family that render you with no choice but to let your grandson marry and give her a billion dollars?”

The Gu family was the cream of the crop among the wealthy families and any news about them would quickly become the centre of attention. Thus, the reporters naturally wouldn’t let them off the hook so easily now that they have seized such a great opportunity and their questions were all sharp and direct.

What the reporters said created an uproar among the guests.

“So there’s actually an inside story behind Gu Yu and Xu Weilai’s marriage, not to mention, a scandalous one?” the crowd gossiped.

Everyone immediately whipped out their cellphones and ran a quick check on the ‘billion-dollar agreement’ that the reporters mentioned.

Sure enough, a picture of the agreement was uploaded five minutes ago by a marketing account on Weibo and it was clearly written that the Gu family would marry and give Xu Weilai one billion dollars.

Just a moment ago, everyone was still guessing if Xu Weilai was good at scheming or if Gu Yu was truly in love with her. But now, everything was clear as day.

The ladies who were previously envious and jealous of Xu Weilai suddenly began to look at her in disdain, contempt and mockery. “They already broke off the engagement with her three years ago. Wasn’t that embarrassing enough? To think that she could be so shameless as to resort to such underhanded tricks again. This isn’t funny anymore. It’s disgusting,” they thought.

Everyone in the Gu family knew about the billion dollar betrothal gift, but no one would leak the news. After all, the members of the Gu family would be humiliated if their family was humiliated.

Now that this was suddenly exposed, everyone could only look at each other in dismay.

When the reporters noticed their reaction, they became even more emboldened. “Mr. Gu Sr., it seems like the news circulated online is true. Can you tell us your thoughts about this? Xu Weilai had plotted against your family and you even had to introduce her to everyone on such an occasion. Do you genuinely accept her as the new mistress of the Gu family from the bottom of your heart? Aren’t you afraid that she’ll ruin the reputation of the Gu family?”

Mr. Gu Sr.’s expression darkened as the reporters continued to take photos of him and hound him like a pack of wolves. As he was getting on in ages, he felt slightly weak and began to tremble violently.

Gu Yu stepped forward and shielded Mr. Gu Sr. behind his back before he scanned the crowd coldly with his jet black eyes. The reporters instantly backed away in fear when they saw the warning expression in his eyes, but nobody was willing to leave.

They immediately directed their microphones at Gu Yu and one reporter took the lead to ask, “Mr. Gu, the date of the agreement leaked online was stated as a few months ago. Did Mr. Gu Sr. only announce the marriage today because of your reluctance to accept it?”

Another reporter directly pointed the microphone at Xu Weilai, who was standing by the side in shock and asked maliciously, “Miss Xu, the Gu family broke off your engagement three years ago. How could you continue to pester the Gu family so shamelessly?”

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