My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 423 - Being Jealous of Herself (1)

Chapter 423: Being Jealous of Herself (1)

Yun Rou could not believe what she was seeing and felt as though her eyes were about to split apart. “That ring should have been mine. How could Gu Yu treat me like this?” she fumed.

She was willing to return the ring to Gu Yu because she wanted him to put it on for her in front of everyone. It was not meant for him to put it on another woman’s finger.

She almost couldn’t hold back her urge to charge forward and snatch the ring back. Her last bit of rationality urged her to leave now so as not to humiliate herself further and Yun Rou bit her lower lip until it bled. Eventually, she left reluctantly at the moment when everyone was focused on Gu Yu and Xu Weilai.

Xiao Chun shook the glass of red wine in her hand and smiled bitterly before she placed the drink down on the long table and staggered toward the exit in her high heels.

Xu Weilai looked down and stared blankly at the dazzling ring that she was wearing on her ring finger. She had been suspicious, uneasy, sad and jealous because of this ring, but it turned out that Gu Yu had never proposed to Yun Rou with it. Instead, his mother was the one who had prepared it for Gu Yu’s wife.

Gu Yu had attended Yun Rou’s concert back then for the sake of retrieving the ring. He never wanted Yun Rou to have it because it was not meant for her.

“Now, the ring is mine since Gu Yu had given it to me. I’ve been going around in circles being jealous of myself,” Xu Weilai thought.

She felt like crying over her own stupidity and blinked repeatedly as she remained rooted to the spot in a daze, unable to react to the situation.

After Gu Yu slipped the ring onto her finger, he stroked it gently and smiled as he asked in a deep, melodious voice, “Do you like it?”

Xu Weilai nodded. “I like it very much.”

She liked the ring, but she was even more in love with the man who had given it to her.

Gu Yu’s lips curled into a smile as he watched her delicate, beautiful face with his black pupils. His gaze then landed to her pink, tender lips and his eyes darkened. All of a sudden, he grabbed hold of her chin with his long fingers and lifted her head up. Xu Weilai could see his handsome face magnifying and her mind blanked out completely when he sealed his lips on hers.

There was nothing left to question about their relationship and the reporters only managed to react then. Everyone quickly held up their cameras and began to snap photos madly in a bid to capture the best angle.

When Xu Weilai heard the sound of the cameras, she then snapped out of her daze and recall that there were still many people watching them. She subconsciously pushed Gu Yu away and glared at him reproachfully as her cheeks flush red with embarrassment.

Gu Yu was displeased to have been interrupted, but when he saw how shy Xu Weilai seemed, the dark expression in his eyes quickly faded away and a faint smile appeared on his face once again. He then reached his long arms over and wrapped it around her slender waist before he lowered his head and leaned in close to her ear.

Before Xu Weilai could struggle, he suggested, “Let’s go. Let’s head upstairs to take a look at Grandpa.”

Xu Weilai paused and could not help but steal one glance at the lively banquet hall. As the reporters and guests have yet to leave, she asked, “Are we going to just leave like this?”

“Don’t worry. Assistant Lin will handle everything else,” he assured.

With his arms around Xu Weilai, the couple headed upstairs. Assistant Lin then picked up the microphone and faced the reporters before he announced diplomatically, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a private banquet. You’ve trespassed into our private residence without permission and even gave Mr. Gu Sr. a shock. The Gu corporation will sue you and the media organization you represent if you do not publish an apology in the newspaper tomorrow and tender your resignation.”

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