My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 410 - Xu Weilai Would Be the Only One Who Would Be Laughed At (2)

Chapter 410: Xu Weilai Would Be the Only One Who Would Be Laughed At (2)

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Previously, during Gu Yu’s interview with Z magazine publication company, he had mentioned that he was already married. But he never announced who his wife was and neither was there news about his wedding ceremony.

For multiple times over the years, it had been rumoured that Gu Yu would marry soon but that was all there was to it. Thus, some people did not believe that he was married since magazines and newspapers often exaggerate and make things up.

However, since Mr. Gu Sr. personally made the announcement this time, it was likely to be true.

He would only be so anxious about matters that concern his sole biological grandson.

It was a grand affair that Gu Yu was finally going to have a wife and thus, it was almost certain that people in the social circle would attend the banquet to join in the fun. For all these years, Mr. Gu Sr. and Gu Yu were the only members of the Gu family and Mr. Gu Sr. had retired while Gu Yu was not easily approachable. Once there was a mistress in the household, it would be easier for outsiders to make the acquaintance of the Gu family and get close to them, for they would have an additional gateway — to approach the mistress.

Women were always easier to talk to as compared to men, who were more shrewd and calculative.

But there was no news of who Gu Yu’s wife was no matter how hard one tried to find out and this gave rise to all sorts of conjectures and lively discussions.

Time passed by quickly and there were only three days left to the birthday banquet.

During this period of time, Gu Yu was so busy with work and preparations for the banquet that Xu Weilai hardly ever saw him. He only returned home when she was asleep and by the time she woke up, he had already left for work. If it wasn’t for the creases beside her on the bed, she would not be able to tell if Gu Yu had returned home.

However, she was no longer suspicious of him, for he had already shown her his utmost sincerity and it was only right of her to trust him.

When Gu Xue returned from her graduation trip to Europe and heard the good news, she happily gave Xu Weilai a call, “Sister-in-law, Brother Yu is finally going public about your relationship. See? I told you that he definitely likes you. I have good foresight, don’t I? ”

Xu Weilai could only smile and agree, “Yes, yes, yes. You’re really sharp. You’re the best.”

“Of course,” Gu Xue accepted her compliment without any modesty. She then suggested, “Sister-in-law, I brought gifts for you and Brother Yu. Let’s meet up for a meal. I’ll bring you the gifts.”

As Xu Weilai did not have any plans for the day, she agreed.

The two of them arranged to meet at a restaurant in a five-star hotel for Gao Xue insisted on bringing Xu Weilai there to try the Foie Gras that she liked to eat. Since Xu Weilai does not have a preference for food, she went along with Gu Xue.

After they met up and ate to their hearts’ content, Gu Xue moved closer to Xu Weilai and inspected her face before she remarked unhappily, “Sister-in-law, it’ll soon be the birthday banquet and you’re the star of the show. Don’t you need to go for some skin treatment? ”

Although Xu Weilai’s skin condition was good, as a woman, nobody would dislike the idea of looking even prettier.

“It just so happens that the spa in this hotel is famous and I’m a VVIP. Come on, let’s go for some treatment. I guarantee that when you’ll be glowing with radiance afterwards and will be the most beautiful mistress of the Gu family!”

As Gu Xue was the kind of person who would be completely devoted and warm towards the person she liked, she wrapped her arms around Xu Weilai’s elbow and dragged her upstairs.

Xu Weilai could not stop her and since beauty and relaxation were things that women would never refuse, the two of them went upstairs merrily.

When they reached the entrance of the SPA, they unexpectedly bumped into Yun Rou, who was walking over from the other side.

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