My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 409 - Xu Weilai Is the Only Person Who Will Be Laughed At (1)

Chapter 409: Xu Weilai Is the Only Person Who Will Be Laughed At (1)

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“But if we bring that out, Xu Weilai will not be the only one to lose face. Grandpa, Yu, and even the entire Gu family will be humiliated in front of everyone!”

“You’re really ruthless!” said Rong Fanghua, with emphasis on every single word.

Yun Rou appeared gentle and elegant but in reality, she was a vicious femme fatale.

“Aunt, that’s not true. I merely want Grandpa Gu and Yu to know that Xu Weilai isn’t worthy enough to be a member of the Gu family. Such a filthy woman shouldn’t be the mistress of the Gu Family. We can’t allow such a despicable woman to ruin the Gu family’s hundred years worth of reputation, can we?”

As Yun Rou spoke, she lifted a mirror up and checked out her perfect, exquisite face. She then smiled and continued, “At that moment, Grandpa Gu and Yu will come to see that I am the one who’s fit to be the mistress of the Gu family.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let Grandpa Gu, Yu and the entire Gu family be humiliated. When the time comes, I’ll appear and make an important announcement!”

“What important announcement?” Rong Fanghua could not help but ask.

However, Yun Rou was reluctant to reveal further details and thus, she replied lazily, “Aunt, this is my trump card. I won’t disclose it for the time being. I’ll make the announcement at the birthday banquet during the moment when Xu Weilai falls into the abyss. Don’t worry, I know what to do. The Gu family will not become a laughing stock. Xu Weilai is the only person who will be laughed at!”

Yun Rou then paused for some time before she resumed, “Aunt, since I can’t interfere with matters in the Gu family manor, I’ll have to trouble you to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the reporters can enter the manor successfully on the night itself.”

Although Yun Rou was asking Rong Fanghua for a favour, she does not sound courteous at all and Rong Fanghua was extremely displeased. However, as they were in the same boat for the time being, she could only agree, “Okay.”

After hanging up the call, Rong Fanghua’s expression turned icy and her eyes flared with rage.

Yun Rou was certainly not an easy person to deal with and Rong Fanghua does not fully trust her. Instead of cooperating with Yun Rou, she was merely using her to pave the way and obtain what she wanted.

Since she needed to use Yun Rou to create trouble for Gu Yu, she could not reject her.

As Yun Rou’s methods were vicious, she could deal with Xu Weilai and Rong Fanghua merely needed to watch them fight to the death from the sidelines. After all, when two dogs fight for a bone, a third would run away with it.

She would not bother about what Yun Rou would do to cause a ruckus at the birthday banquet, for the bigger the better. Rong Fanghua was more than willing to add fuel to the fire for her.

After Yun Rou hung up the call, her lips curled up into a cold smile. She then threw her cellphone down on the table and ordered her assistant, “Remove my makeup. I want to apply a facial mask. ”

The assistant nodded profusely and replied, “Sure.”

She then leaned back into the chair and closed her eyes to enjoy her assistant’s service.

“I have to take good care of myself during this period of time so that I can shine at the birthday banquet and attract everyone’s attention,” Yun Rou thought.

By afternoon, Grandpa Gu had already informed everyone about the birthday banquet. He had maintained a low profile ever since he retired and almost never attended any banquets organized by members in the social circle. He would only meet up with some of his old friends for tea and golf occasionally.

This time, since he had personally called to extend his invitation for the birthday banquet, it was only right of the invitees to attend the event.

His actions stirred up a commotion within the social circle and everyone began to wonder about the meaning behind his actions.

Subsequently, someone in the circle spread the news that Mr. Gu Sr. wanted to officially introduce Gu Yu’s wife — the new mistress of the Gu family.

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