My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 408 - I Want her to Never Turn over (2)

Chapter 408: I Want her to Never Turn over (2)

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Yun Rou spent the whole afternoon interacting with these old people. She was so tired that she lazily leaned against the back of the chair. She closed her eyes and took a short nap. She was not in the mood to look at her phone.

She opened her mouth and said coldly, “who is it? ”

The assistant quickly looked at her phone and replied, “Rong Fanghua. ”

Hearing the name, Yun rou’s eyelids twitched. “Give me my phone. ”

The assistant placed the phone on her palm. Yun rou looked at the screen. There were fifteen missed calls. She vaguely felt that something was wrong and frowned, calling back.

Once the call was connected, perhaps Rong Fanghua’s patience had been exhausted. Her voice was filled with ridicule, “How could you still go to nursing home to accompany the elderly? Do you know what happened? You claimed that you wanted to fight for the position of the Gu family’s mistress, but in the end, you are doing the sort of boring things every day? Yun Rou, if you don’t have the ambition and ability, then don’t make it sound so nice! ”

Yun Rou was provoked by her tone, and her eyes flashed with a trace of sternness. Essentially, the two of them were just cooperating, and now she was the one in the leading position, how dare she had such an attitude?

However, thinking that she was still helpful, Yun Rou suppressed her dissatisfaction and smiled. Her voice was as gentle as ever, “Auntie, what made you so angry? ”

“Mr. Gu Sr. just called us and informed that his birthday banquet would be high-profile. He is going to hold a solemn and grand feast and invite all the noble families since he wants to officially introduce the new mistress of the Gu family to everyone! ”

“Yun Rou, did you hear that? The relationship of Gu Yu and Xu Weilai is going to be made public. The Gu family was going to acknowledge Xu Weilai as their granddaughter-in-law. If Gu Yu didn’t nod his head, it would be impossible. In other words, Gu Yu has accepted. Their relationship was so good that it could be made public! When that time comes, where would your position be? ”

Rong Fanghua was still hoping that Gu Yu would treat Xu Weilai coldly since he still had feelings for Yun Rou. Their relationship would become bad again, but Yun Rou’s trick last time didn’t break the relationship between the two of them. On the contrary, she was going to announce their relationship to the public?

She was shooting herself in the foot!

Thinking of this, she sneered again, “I thought your had some great abilities, but they were only so-so. Is there a pot calling the kettle black?

“Oh no, it should be said that Yu doesn’t care about you at all. The only thing he’s thinking about is Xu Weilai! ”

No matter what Rong Fanghua said, Yun Rou’s expression didn’t change. Then, with this last sentence, her face quickly darkened, and her eyes became cold, “Auntie, I’ve said it before. The only person in Yu’s heart is me. Xu Weilai is nothing. I will definitely return to Yu’s side. Please remember that! ”

Her cold tone made Rong Fanghua inexplicably shiver.

However, in the next second, she restrained all her emotions, as if the scene just now was just an illusion. Her voice was still as gentle and harmless as ever. “Auntie, there’s no need to be anxious. Have you forgotten? We have a deadly secret weapon. ”

A secret weapon..

Rong Fanghua pondered for a moment and suddenly remembered the thing that she had found for her. She immediately understood. “You mean, you want to take out that thing at the Mr. Gu Sr.’s birthday banquet? ”

“Yes, everything was set in place. Now, the time is ripe as well” Yun Rou smiled darkly, “Xu Weilai, under the witness of everyone, will fall from heaven to hell. This time, I want her to never turn over! ”

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