My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 407 - I Want her to Never Turn over

Chapter 407: I Want her to Never Turn over

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Xu Weilai continued to nod her head.

Gu Yu’s gaze became incomparably gentle, and the cold lines on his face turned gentle. The corners of his lips curled into a faint smile, and he couldn’t help but pull Xu Weilai into his embrace.

“Xu Weilai, it’s a deal. ”

Hearing the man’s slightly hoarse voice, Xu Weilai blinked her eyes, and then blinked again. And then did she realize that she had just… nodded her head? She had actually agreed to make their relationship public?

Although she was very happy and touched that Gu Yu wanted to go public, the confusion in her heart about “Yun Rou” had yet to be resolved. She had originally wanted to have a good chat with him, but in the end, she was so dizzy from his kiss that she couldn’t react, and she nodded her head!

Xu Weilai raised his head from Gu Yu’s arms and saw that his handsome face was actually filled with a pleased smile. He rarely smiled. Most of his face was expressionless and cold, but when he smiled, it was really handsome.

The words of brushoff that were about to come out of her mouth were held back. At the same time, Yun Rou, the name that had once blocked her heart, became insignificant at this moment.

Gu Yu had previously brought her to meet his parents, and now he wanted to publicly announce their relationship. Everything he had done was enough to prove that he really wanted to marry her. He wanted to hold her hand for the rest of his life. In other words, in his future plans.., there was only her, not Yun Rou.

Since that, why should she continue to cling onto the past and not let it go?

Moreover, if she really elicited the past of Yun Rou and him, she would be worried and jealous. Why not let this matter rest and end here.

As she had previously said, as long as Gu Yu no longer had any feelings for Yun Rou, she would not mind anymore.

Xu Weilai pursed her lips and looked at Gu Yu with distinguishing eyes. She nodded slowly, “Deal.”

With that, she felt Gu Yu hold her even more tightly in his arms. She could not help but raise the corners of her lips. She raised her hand, and hug his waist back.

Outside the room, the atmosphere was filled with affection. Inside, old master Gu was making a phone call energetically.

First, he informed everyone in the Gu family, requesting that they must be dressed up that day to back Xu Weilai up. Then, he informed his old friends, especially those who had previously ridiculed him, and then he notified all the leaders in business, partners in life, family friends, and so on..

At the same time, Yun Rou was playing the piano for those lonely old people in the old people’s home. A gentle smile hung on her beautiful face. While she was playing, she was teaching the old people how to sing.

There were a few reporters beside her. They raised their cameras and kept taking pictures of her, taking pictures of such a beautiful scene.

Yun Rou’s team also carried out a live broadcast. The host kept promoting how kind and caring she was. Even though she was currently at the peak of her popularity and was the goddess in everyone’s hearts, she was still modest, unassuming, and was just an ordinary kind-hearted person now.

The approachable performance received countless praises.

After the end, Yun Rou greeted the reporters with smile. She then asked one of her assistants to treat the reporters to a meal before she returned to her nanny van.

Another assistant unscrewed the cap of her water bottle and respectfully handed it to her. After she drank the water, she handed her phone over and said, “Miss Rou, your phone has already rung many times. Please take a look. ”

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