My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 406 - Are You Willing? (2)

Chapter 406: Are You Willing? (2)

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The solution that Xu Shuai proposed yesterday was to go public about their relationship. Everyone would then know that Xu Weilai was Gu Yu’s wife and this would give Xu Weilai the greatest sense of belonging and security that a woman could have in a marriage.

Based on his analysis, it was normal for Xu Weilai to feel insecure and estranged since they had been married for a long time and their relationship had started off on the wrong foot. That was why she proposed to divorce him multiple times.

The most effective way to treat a woman was to give her whatever she wants, be it money, love, companionship or a sense of security and belonging.

Like what Xu Shuai had said before, the best way to hit on a woman was to cater to what she likes.

Xu Shuai could get any women he liked because of his ability to read their mind. He would buy them designer bags, beautiful clothes and jewellery if that was what they desired, for he had plenty of money.

If Gu Yu still could not change Xu Weilai’s mind after trying this ultimate move, it would prove that she had no feelings for him and their marriage. He should let her go if that was the case.

Otherwise, they would be stuck in this unwanted marriage and would both suffer. Life was short, so instead of tormenting each other, it would be best to part ways and live in peace.

There was a song that goes, “There’s a kind of love which meant letting go.”

Since Gu Yu does not want to let go of her, he could only try his best. Previously, he had an interview and wanted to announce to the public about his relationship with Xu Weilai. However, she had turned him down with the reason that she was still observing his performance. If he had sought her permission in advance today, he might have been rejected again. Thus, he was forced to act without her knowledge.

He never expect himself to rack his mind and resort to such means to hold on to the woman he loved.

But even so, the outcome was still dependent upon Xu Weilai’s willingness to accept.

There was a deep and dark expression in Gu Yu’s eyes and his gaze was serious and focused. There was even a barely noticeable hint of nervousness in his voice as he said, “Xu Weilai, I made you suffer a lot before. It was… It was my fault. Now, I want to make up for all the pain and wrong that I’ve done to you in the past.”

“I know that you’re still observing my performance and have yet to write off your punishment towards me. But I genuinely wish for everyone to know that you’re my wife and I’m your husband.”

“You’re my wife. I’m your husband,” Xu Weilai mused.

Those two simple sentences hit Xu Weilai’s calm heart like a stone and instantly set off ripples of emotion in her. Gradually, she slipped out of her daze and focused on Gu Yu’s dark pupils.

As Xu Weilai was also a part of his social circle, she understood that going public about their marriage at such a grand birthday banquet would be as good as acknowledging their marriage to the whole world. She would officially become a member of the Gu family. Even if Gu Yu wanted to go back on his words in future, it would not be as easy as how it was when he broke off their engagement and abandoned her three years ago.

This was the greatest promise and sense of security that a man could give to a woman.

Xu Weilai stared at him in disbelief. She even began to wonder if this was all a dream and foolishly asked, “Gu Yu, am I dreaming? ”

Without further ado, he wrapped his long arms around Xu Weilai’s waist and pulled her into his arms before lowering his head and sealing her lips with a kiss.

After some time, Gu Yu then grazed her flushed cheeks gently with his fingertips and replied in a husky voice, “What do you think? ”

Xu Weilai nodded blankly.

Gu Yu’s smile widened and said seductively, “Xu Weilai, are you willing to go public about our relationship?”

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