My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 405 - Are You Willing? (1)

Chapter 405: Are You Willing? (1)

“To announce our relationship…” Xu Weilai mused and was extremely astounded by his words. Her black irises constricted and her mind instantly blanked out.

Grandpa Gu was also shocked. After being stunned for half a minute, he asked incredulously, “Yu, am I right to say that you want to make a public announcement about your marriage to Little Weilai and to officially recognise her as your wife?”

Previously, in order to make Gu Yu marry Little Weilai, he was forced to agree to Gu Yu’s harsh terms of keeping his relationship with her under wraps. As a result, Little Weilai had never been able to introduce herself to the public as the mistress of the Gu Family. Even the members of Gu family never truly acknowledge her as a part of the family.

Among the wealthy families, it was crucial to gain the recognition of members of the family and to make an official announcement to the public. Through this, people in the circle would then truly acknowledged your status and respect you.

Thus, although Su Ziqian had been with Gu Yu for three years, nobody would label her as his girlfriend since he had never publically acknowledged their relationship. She had always been coined as his rumoured girlfriend.

But this time, Gu Yu wanted to make a make an official announcement at Grandpa Gu’s birthday banquet this time. This goes to show that he genuinely wanted everyone to know that Little Weilai was his wife. He wanted to give her the highest level of respect and glory. From then on, no one would dare to mock or disrespect her. Xu Weilai would also officially become Mrs. Gu, the mistress of the Gu Family.

“Yes!” Gu Yu replied confidently without hesitation. His eyes were still fixed on Xu Weilai’s face and his expression was extremely tender and loving.

Grandpa Gu was over the moon and laughed so heartily that his face flushed red as if he had drunk aged wine. Nodding his head repeatedly, he praised, “Good, good. That’s great! Yu, you’ve finally come to your senses. Grandpa is very heartened!”

Grandpa Gu had thought that he would have to wait a long time for this day to come. Little did he expect to be taken by surprise like that.

He was, indeed, right about the fact that Yu and Xu Weilai had feelings for each other. This was the reason why they could brave all odds and end up together even though their relationship had not been smooth sailing.

“It seems like I’ll have a chance to meet my little great-grandson before I die,” he thought.

Overwhelmed with joy, Grandpa Gu could not care less about eating anymore. He instantly jumped to his feet and strode out of the dining room. “I’m going to invite all my friends in the circle for the birthday banquet. I want them to see how beautiful and wonderful Little Weilai is!” he declared.

He then turned to the housekeeper and ordered, “Quick, fetch me my address book. I want to call and invite each of my friends personally. I can’t miss anyone out. Everyone has to be there!”

“Those old men often laugh at me behind my back and say that I will not have any successors since my grandson has yet to find himself a wife. I’m going to prove all of them wrong!”

As Grandpa Gu slowly disappeared from sight, his voice gradually diminished and it became quiet in the dining room.

Gu Yu watched Xu Weilai, who had remained silent all along, and a fleeting look of disappointment flashed across his eyes. “Are you full? Let’s go take a walk in the garden outside,” he suggested softly.

After he said this, he then took her chopsticks away and held her hand to lead her out of the dining room into the garden outside.

The gentle breeze and fragrance of the flowers made one felt relaxing and refreshing.

When they reached the center of the garden, Gu Yu stopped and held onto Xu Weilai’s shoulder. Standing face to face with her, he gazed at her with his black pupils before he said, “Xu Weilai, I’m sorry that I acted without seeking your permission.”

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