My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 404 - To Announce Our Relationship (2)

Chapter 404: To Announce Our Relationship (2)

He did not intend to pretend to be drunk. But since he had promised her that he would return to the apartment, he could not keep her waiting. For the time being, he could not allow her to breach the subject and thus, could only evade her like this.

He still wanted to try his best to win her back and hoped that Xu Weilai would change her mind. If she was still bent on getting a divorce after he employed that trick, he would fulfil her wish.

Gu Yu caressed her face gently while she slept and leaned over to peck her forehead. It was a kiss that was as gentle as a feather and it felt as she was the most precious treasure to him.

Xu Weilai had a dreamless sleep and only woke up when it was morning.

The moment she opened her eyes, she reflexively turned to look beside her, but Gu Yu was nowhere to be found. “Has he left for work again?” she wondered.

But in the next instant, she heard the sound of footsteps coming out from the bathroom. She immediately looked over and saw Gu Yu approaching her with his back against the sunlight. He looked as handsome as Adonis.

Xu Weilai heaved a sigh of relief. “Thankfully, he has yet to leave!” she thought.

Xu Weilai immediately got up and, without even bothering to wear her slippers, strode over to him barefooted. She looked up at him and said, “Gu Yu, give me a few minutes to wash up. Don’t leave for work yet. There’s something that I want to talk to you about! ”

Gu Yu looked right into her eyes with his black pupils and replied leisurely, “I’m not going to the office today so there’s no need for you to rush. Take your time, but…we can talk after we return from the old manor. ”

“After we return from the old manor? ” Xu Weilai repeated. “So we’re going to the old manor today?” she asked in bafflement.

“Yes, I’m heading back to have a meal with Grandpa. We’ll also discuss his birthday.”

“His birthday…” Xu Weilai mused.

Xu Weilai only recalled that Grandpa Gu’s birthday was coming soon after Gu Yu pointed it out. A person of his social standing would certainly hold a grand banquet every year to celebrate.

However, Grandpa Gu was getting on his years and since it was not advisable for him to overwork himself, Gu Yu naturally took care of it for him.

“Is this what you wanted to tell me when you came home yesterday? ”

“Yes,” Gu Yu replied indifferently.

As there was an order of priority to things and Xu Weilai could not possibly be so insensible at a time like this, she could only force out a smile and nod. “Alright then. I’ll go wash up before we head back to the old manor,” she said.

“Sure,” Gu Yu agreed.

After a pause, he glanced at her fair, smooth feet. His brows scrunched into a frown and in the next instant, he carried her up. Xu Fuji shrieked in surprise.

Gu Yu quickly walked over to the bed and placed her down before he half-squatted and picked up her pink slippers to help her to put them on.

Xu Weilai gazed at the man squatting before her and observed his gentle movements. Her heart could not help but thump wildly and her expression turned dreamy.

He was blessed with unsurpassed good looks and it was even harder for her to resist his charms when he was so gentle and considerate.

At the Gu family manor, Grandpa Gu was over the moon when he heard that Gu Yu and Xu Weilai were coming back to eat with him. He instructed the servants to prepare dishes that filled up an entire long dining table.

After the three of them sat down, Grandpa Gu continuously piled food onto Xu Weilai’s plate. He reasoned that she was too skinny and needed to eat more to fatten herself up. He also felt that it would give her a better complexion and health.

As expected, Xu Weilai dutifully ate everything and Grandpa Gu grinned from ear to ear in satisfaction.

Gu Yu, who was unattended to, helped himself to the food in silence. When he was almost done eating, placed his chopsticks down and wiped the corner of his lips before he announced, “Grandpa, I want to hold a grand banquet for your birthday this year!”

“Oh? Why?”

Gu Yu turned to look at Xu Weilai and emphasised, “I want to use the opportunity to announce our marriage to everyone! “

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