My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 411 - Which Is Prettier, the Clothes or Me? (1)

Chapter 411: Which Is Prettier, the Clothes or Me? (1)

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Yun Rou was still as ostentatious as before and had three assistants tagging along behind her. One was carrying her bag, the other was carrying her coat and the last one was carefully guarding her and clearing the path for her.

Gu Xue snorted in disdain when she saw this.

Since Xu Weilai no longer had any feelings towards Yun Rou and was not interested in her affairs, after she swept one glance at her, quickly looked away to avoid suffering from an eyesore.

As Gu Xue shared the same sentiments as her, they automatically ignored her and got ready to enter the spa.

However, Yun Rou stopped them in a soft, gentle voice, “Xiao Xue, long time no see.”

She then walked up to them from behind and stopped in front of Xu Weilai and Gu Xue. Her gaze fell on Gu Xue’s face and she smiled before she resumed nostalgically, “Xiao Xue, you’ve become a big girl so quickly. I remember that you used to tagged behind me and call me sister. You were still very young back then…”

As she spoke, she raised her hand to gesture Gu Xue’s height.

Gu Xue’s lips twitched and, utilizing the shrewdness that she had learned from her cousin throughout these years, retorted bitingly, “I’m sorry, my parents only gave birth to three older brothers. I don’t have an older sister and I’m the only daughter in the family, so please don’t act as if we’re related. The Gu family is out of your league.”

Yun Rou’s smile stiffened for a fleeting moment before she lowered her gaze and continued to smile in an extremely gentle way as if Gu Xue was just a child who was throwing a tantrum. “Xiao Xue, I know that you’re angry with me because I left you guys back then. I understand your feelings. After all, you also liked me a lot back then,” she said.

Xu Weilai knew that Yun Rou’s words weren’t meant for Gu Xue, but for her.

While Yun Rou did not mention Gu Yu’s name, she had already referred to him when she used the word “also”. She was obviously implying that she was close to both Gu Yu and his family in the past.

Xu Weilai really admired Yun Rou. Gu Yu’s actions had already exposed the lies that she had told her over the phone previously and yet when they meet today, she could still flaunt about her past with him without blushing.

At first, Xu Weilai was too lazy to bother about her but since Yun Rou kept annoying her over and over again, she smiled and replied leisurely, “Xiao Xue had bad taste in the past and the people whom she liked were either jerks or hypocritical bitches. Fortunately, she’s still young. Her misjudgment could help her gain more experience in life and make her more discerning in future, just like how she is now. See? She already knows who deserves to be liked by her. Take me for example.”

She then turned to look at Gu Xue and asked, “Xiao Xue, isn’t it?”

In the past, Gu Xue was often enraged by how sharp-tongued Xu Weilai was. But when she heard how Xu Weilai was rebutting Yun Rou now, all she felt was a sheer sense of comfort and satisfaction.

She nodded profusely and agreed, “That’s right. In the past, I was deceived because I’ve never met good people before. Now that I’ve already met the greatest people ever, it’s natural for me to only like the best.”

When Yun Rou heard them echoing each other’s words and mocking her, her expression darkened.

But when it crossed her mind that it would soon be the birthday banquet, she no longer felt bothered by how Xu Weilai was holding the upper hand at the moment. She knew that Xu Weilai needed to be proud and complacent in order to experience a suffocating sense of pain during her downfall later on.

Yun Rou quickly kept her expression in check and, without a word more, gave Xu Weilai a meaningful look before she entered the spa.

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