My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 237 - Disclose the Relationship (1)

Chapter 237: Disclose the Relationship (1)

As Gu Yu and Xiao Chun entered the private room one after the other, Xu Shuai whistled at them before he raised his eyebrows suggestively. “Hey, why did you guys come together? Something’s fishy!”

Gu Yu paused in his tracks for a moment before he unexpectedly replied, “I’m married.”

Nobody knew what to say.

In the past, Gu Yu was so arrogant and aloof that he would not even bother to roll his eyes. Today was different, for he spoke up to clarify the situation. Xu Shuai was momentarily at a loss for words to reply.

Xiao Chun’s expression seemed to have frozen for a fleeting moment.

The two individuals took their seats. It was unclear if it was an intentional move or not, but Xu Shuai sat between them and poured each of them a glass of alcohol. “It’s been a long time since the three of us gathered together. It feels a little nostalgic.”

In the past, the three of them had been a solid trio. After Gu Yu got together with Xu Weilai, however, he would always bring her along wherever he went. He had been reduced to a fatuous man who prioritized his wife before his friends. As Xiao Chun was also taken with Xu Weilai, Xu Shuai became a lonely bachelor.

The three of them raised their glasses as Xu Shuai yelled out, “A toast to our friendship!”

Gu Yu merely drank half a glass before he said, “I need to head home later.”

He had forgotten himself when he got drunk previously, and he did not wish to do so again in front of Xu Weilai.

Xu Shuai groped his arms that were covered with goosebumps, then complained that he could not put up with this anymore. “That’s enough already. I invited you here for a gathering, not for you to show off how much you guys are in love with each other. Is it a big deal to have a wife? If you don’t finish this drink, then we’re not brothers!”

Xiao Chun lifted her head and finished her drink in one gulp. Without a word, she then snatched over Gu Yu’s alcohol glass that he had placed on the coffee table and finished the remaining half of the drink as well. She then looked up at Xu Shuai and said, “I’ve finished it for my brother. Will that suffice?”

Gu Yu’s swept a glance as Xiao Chun with a dark and distant look in his black eyes. As usual, it was impossible to read Gu Yu’s emotions.

Xu Shuai could only shrug his shoulders. “Fine. I’m a solo individual taking on you two siblings. Thus, I admit defeat.”

He put an unusually strong amount of emphasis on ‘siblings’.

“Oh right. The incident about Xu Weilai is snowballing. Right now, she’s almost blown to smithereens since she’s on the firing line… The extent of her public ridicule is even more spectacular than when you broke off the engagement back then.”

Xu Shuai heaved out a sigh and said, “Although I don’t like Xu Weilai, I admire her for her persistence in staying in the line of media. Any ordinary person in her position probably would have caved in under pressure and thrown in the towel already.”

Gu Yu’s brows instantly furrowed together. “‘What happened?”

“Huh? Don’t you know yet?” Xu Shuai dug out his phone as he spoke and tapped into Weibo before handing the phone over to Gu Yu.

Gu Yu quickly looked through it once and his entire aura gradually turned cold. A murderous intent vaguely surfaced in his eyes.

As expected… Xu Weilai was the only one who could influence his emotions so quickly…

As this thought crossed Xu Shuai’s mind, he turned over to watch Xiao Chun as she silently drowned out her sorrows with alcohol. He then raised his voice and said, “Say, what an injustice this incident is for Xu Weilai. You guys are legally married, and she merely needed to step forward to clarify that she’s your wife. All these people who are slandering her will immediately stop and disappear after this. And yet…you guys cannot disclose your relationship.”

As Xu Shuai spoke, he stared at Gu Yu with keen interest. With a more serious tone, he emphasized every single word as he asked Gu Yu, “Yu, if Xu Weilai asks to disclose your relationship, would you do it?”

Disclose the relationship…

Gu Yu looked down, his gaze gradually landing on his long, shapely and slim ring finger. Subconsciously, he touched his ring gently with his fingertips. He had never removed the ring ever since Xu Weilai put it on him.

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