My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 238 - If That's What She Wishes, I Don't See Why Not (2)

Chapter 238: If That’s What She Wishes, I Don’t See Why Not (2)

He had always known what he wanted. With a clear goal in mind, he would strive towards it firmly without hesitation. He was a man who would achieve the outcome that he desired.

Xu Weilai was the only one in his life he was uncertain about.

He had attempted to turn the situation around and erase it away, but his efforts were futile…

In this world, perhaps there truly was a person destined to be an unpredictable existence in our lives. Nobody could ever control them.

Gu Yu pouted his lips and said in a low voice, “If that’s what she wishes… I don’t see why not.”

Xu Shuai was no longer surprised by this outcome. Ever since he was aware of Gu Yu’s deeply concealed feelings towards Xu Weilai, he had pondered through it thoroughly. Eventually, he concluded that Gu Yu would not hold on to any of his principles at all when it comes to matters concerning Xu Weilai.

Xu Shuai only learned of Gu Yu’s feelings when the latter got drunk once and muttered it out. When Gu Yu fell into a coma after a car accident, he maintained his consciousness even though he couldn’t wake up.

Not only could he hear every single thing that Xu Weilai had said to him, but he could also sense how much she cared for him. He had neither taken a proper look at his fiancée nor make plans in his life for one. She simply made her way into his heart so unexpectedly and aggressively.

All along, Gu Yu would always agree to anything that Xu Weilai wanted. Now that Xu Shuai thought about it, the annulment of the engagement three years ago was probably the last remaining pathetic act of struggle that Gu Yu had put up…

If Xu Weilai had created a scene back then or even simply gave Gu Yu a call to ask about it, he would probably give in unconditionally…

‘How stupid his feelings are’, Xu Shuai thought.

Xu Shuai then turned to look at Xiao Chun. After she heard Gu Yu’s response, she had begun to chug down alcohol as though it was water. When Xu Shuai saw this, he merely felt his head begin to ache.

Gu Yu lifted his hand up to glance at his watch and realized that it was already past 10:00 p.m. After he dusted his sleeves casually with his long and slender fingers, he rose from his seat and buttoned up his blazer before he said, “I’ll make a move first.”

“Hurry back home to care for your wife.” Xu Shuai shrugged his shoulders and said, “I get it. Be off then.”

Gu Yu nodded his head lightly and just when he was about to step forward with his long, slender legs, Xiao Chun slammed her glass of alcohol down on the coffee table. It gave off a clear, crisp sound. Afterward, Xiao Chun also stood up quickly and said to Gu Yu, “Brother Yu, give me a ride. I drank too much to be able to drive.”

Gu Yu turned her down without hesitation. “Your place isn’t on the route I’m taking.”

Subsequently, he took one glance at Xu Shuai from the corner of his eyes and said, “Get her a cab.”

However, Xiao Chun stepped forward and said, “But I want you to send me home. There’s something that I want to speak to you about.”

Without a second look at her, Gu Yu simply strode out of the private room. Xiao Chun stood rooted to the spot and as she watched his cold and indifferent silhouette move further away with reddened eyes.

Xu Shuai massaged the area between his brows, then opened his mouth in an attempt to say something. However, Xiao Chun had already dashed out of the room in the next second. It was obvious that she wanted to chase after Gu Yu.

Dammit! Xu Shuai instantly sprang up from the sofa and chased after her.

Xiao Chun managed to catch up with Gu Yu at the entrance of the night club and grab hold of his sleeves firmly with her hands. Gu Yu stopped in his tracks as his black pupils swept a look across her face coldly before his gaze landed on her hands, which were clutching onto his sleeves.

Xiao Chun released her grip out of reflex.

As she was slightly inebriated and her reaction was a little exaggerated, she did not manage to stand steadily and she staggered a few steps back. Xu Shuai, who managed to catch up with them in time, reached out his hands to catch her and prevent her from falling.

However, Xiao Chun struggled to get out of Xu Shuai’s arms. She fixed her stare onto Gu Yu before she asked, “Brother Yu, did… did you truly fall for Xu Weilai?”

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