My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 236 - Take the Offense First (2)

Chapter 236: Take the Offense First (2)

One had to admit that it was neat of Rong Wang and Zhou Meiqi to take the offense first.

They first threw shade onto Mei before they went on to defame Xu Weilai. Xu Weilai became a reporter who could not be trusted, while Mei became an assistant who lacked credibility. As such, even if they stepped forward to expose Rong Wang, people might not necessarily be willing to believe them anymore.

Within an instant, they changed from an aggressive position to a passive one; this made their circumstances became even more difficult.

Inside the safe house, Xu Weilai hugged a pillow lazily as she leaned against the sofa while Mei sat by the side stiffly. Her arms were crossed, and misery and guilt were written all over her face. On the other hand, Qiao Chu was subconsciously sizing Xu Weilai up. He was quite intrigued by Xu Weilai’s composure.

He wanted to know whether she was genuinely calm or if she was pretending to be.

When Mei saw the overwhelming criticisms online, she could not bear to keep still anymore. She stood up abruptly and apologized to Xu Weilai, “I’m sorry, Miss Xu. It’s all because of me that they dug into your past and embarrassed you. I know that you’re trying to help me out of goodwill, but I can’t affect you negatively because of my problems. I’d better head back… I don’t want to implicate you anymore,” she said.

After she said this, she prepared to leave. The next second, someone grabbed hold of her wrist.

Xu Weilai locked her hands onto Mei’s wrist. With a slight tug, Xu Weilai got her to sit down again before she said, “Mei, nobody would throw in the towel before the fight even begins! Besides, you did not implicate me. Zhou Meiqi will still expose my dark past even if you did not seek refuge with me, so this has nothing to do with you at all. Furthermore, I also mentioned that we’ll send Rong Wang to jail together. Why are you acting this way? Do you not believe in my abilities?”

Mei immediately shook her head. “Of course not. I just… just…”

“Alright, stop reproaching yourself. This is not your fault. Rong Wang is the culprit behind everything. I’ve said before that I’ll make him pay for his actions, and I swear to keep my word.”

Qiao Chu then voiced out promptly, “You have a solution for this?”

Xu Weilai looked at him with her jet black eyes. With a sly smile, she replied to him with a question, “Haven’t you heard of the idiom ‘three men make a tiger’?”

Qiao Chu was stunned for a moment, but he then understood what she meant. He smiled and raised his hand to point at Xu Weilai and Mei before he pointed at himself. “Do you mean the three of us?” he asked.

Xu Weilai shook her head. “You got the first two people right. But sadly, you have no hand in this.”

“Oh? Who’s the third person then?” Qiao Chu asked.

Xu Weilai left him in suspense and said, “You’ll know after I settle this.”

Gu Yu had gone on a business trip for a few days. The moment his plane landed, he received a WeChat message from Xu Shuai. Xu Shuai invited Gu Yu to attend a gathering that he had arranged to catch up over some drinks.

At first, Gu Yu ignored his message and went on to check through his missed calls and unread WeChat messages. When he could not find what he had been anticipating, his eyes darkened slightly.

Assistant Lin then received a call from Gu Yu. Out of routine, he asked Gu Yu, “Are you heading back to the apartment?”

Despite it being a question, Assistant Lin’s tone of voice was affirmative. A few days had passed since his Big Boss saw the Young Mistress. Assistant Lin knew that his boss would certainly want to head home to meet the Young Mistress at the first available opportunity.

However, Gu Yu kept a poker face and glanced at Assistant Lin from the corner of his eye. He then parted his thin lips and replied coldly, “I’m heading to A-Pub.”

Without another word, Gu Yu dissed Assistant Lin mercilessly. Assistant Lin could only reply pitifully, “Yes, Mr. Gu.”

Their car arrived at the entrance, while a red sportscar was coincidentally parked in front of the entrance as well. When Gu Yu got out of the car, Xiao Chun was also getting out of the sportscar before running into Gu Yu.

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