My Loyal Husband After Our Divorce

Chapter 570 - Chapter 570: Visit Xi Mubai

Chapter 570: Visit Xi Mubai

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Most importantly, the Ou Yang family couldn’t allow Bao Hwa to grow anymore. If Bao Hwa really had swallowed Xi Empire, the Ou Yang family would have been their next target. That woman, Lin Jing, was too ambitious and would stop at nothing to expand her empire; she would not accept a life of normalcy. Therefore, after she took down Xi Empire, she would have gone after the Ou Yang family. Therefore, working together with Xi Empire was Ou Yang Qin’s way of saving himself as well.

The result showed that he had chosen wisely. Thankfully he had decided to personally attend the showcase too because he was given a glimpse of Lin Jing’s true personality. This Lin Jing would definitely not let the Ou Yang family be if she had the chance to take them down.

The Ou Yang family had always maintained a neutral standpoint in the world of business and trade, but Ou Yang Qin didn’t think that would stop Lin Jing from targeting them. Therefore, he was thankful that Xinghe had helped them remove such a threat.

Ou Yang Qin thanked Xinghe again, “Miss Xia, if you need any help in the future, don’t hesitate to ask. I will gladly lend my aid if it is within my capability.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ou Yang. Hopefully, we will have a happy cooperation,” Xinghe said as she extended her hand.


Ou Yang Qin took her hand and smiled. “Definitely, this will be mutually-beneficial trade relationship.”

After the showcase was over, the jewelry had to be sent home. Ou Yang Qin left with his own collection and as for the rest, Xinghe left it in Sam and Wolf’s capable hands. They would escort to rest back to Country Y with aid from Interpol.

Xinghe had confidence in them so she focused completely on preparing for the next step of her plan. However, before that, Xinghe made a visit to Lu Qi’s.

She hadn’t been visiting Mubai since she was too busy dealing with Lin Jing, but that day she was going to tell him, her revenge plan was beginning in earnest. Very soon, she would be able to make the whole Lin family pay for what they had done to him.

To Xinghe’s surprise, when she arrived at Lu Qi’s medical building, she walked into a chaotic situation where Lu Qi was trying to save Mubai from a critical condition. More than ten doctors and nurses rushed in and out of the basement lab; this scene tore at Xinghe’s heart.

Xia Zhi, who was following along, was afraid she would faint from trauma, so he quickly escorted her to the side and consoled her, “Sis, don’t worry, Brother Xi will be fine!”

Xinghe didn’t reply and stood there quietly. Only her face was exceptionally white. They stood there for who knew how long, until their legs had become numb. Eventually they saw Lu Qi walk out of the lab.

Lu Qi took a double take when he saw them. He asked with a tired voice, “When did you arrive?”

Xinghe posed her own question, “How is he?”

She, too, was surprised by the gravel in her own voice.

Lu Qi’s eyes dimmed. “For some reason, earlier today, his heart stopped beating and lost all function. Thankfully, he has been saved and his heart is back to normal.”

Xinghe’s eyes shuddered and she could see black in her eyes. When Lu Qi said his heart stopped, Xinghe really almost fainted.

Even though he had been saved, she was still afraid.

However, her voice was eerily calm.. “Didn’t you say you could maintain his condition? What happened?”

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