My Loyal Husband After Our Divorce

Chapter 571 - Chapter 571: Mechanical Heart

Chapter 571: Mechanical Heart

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Lu Qi said apologetically, “I assumed the machines could keep his conditions stable, I didn’t expect his condition to deteriorate, you understand that he is not doing so well. Thankfully, there were people around when that happened…” “He might be safe this time, but what about next time?” Xinghe asked calmly. She might look normal on the outside, but her eyes had lost their usual glow.

Lu Qi thought about it and answered, “I’ve considered this problem long and hard; I want to try something new.”

“What is it?” A ripple crossed Xinghe’s eyes.

“Transplant a mechanical heart. In other words, we’ll use an artificial heart to temporarily replace the function of his real heart.”

Xinghe and Xia Zhi widened their eyes. Lu Qi knew how preposterous he sounded, but this was his only idea.


“I thought about this many years ago, and I’ve kept up the research. However, I still need a breakthrough. Even if the device suddenly becomes successful, I doubt we can use it on him.”

“Why not?” Xinghe asked to which Lu Qi answered with a sigh, “His body is too weak, I wouldn’t dare operate on him.”

Indeed, Mubai’s vitals were too low. Who would dare to perform a large surgery on him? The risk was too big.

“Lu Qi, no matter whether this works or not, you have to give it your best,” Xinghe came to a decision. “Some chance is better than no chance.”

Lu Qi was surprised by her conviction and he was affected as well. “You’re right, I will finish the research as soon as I can, but I fear that I might need your help.”

“Tell me.” Xinghe had no hesitation. Lu Qi realized his admiration for Xinghe was growing. Under such circumstances, she not only maintained her cool but still had energy left to help him. Any other woman would have crumbled.

Lu Qi said directly, “You are extremely gifted in the field of design; I’ve constructed the design for the mechanical heart and I need your help to create the actual product. You’re the only one who is capable enough to do this as shown by your capability in creating the artificial arm.”

“No problem!” Xinghe promised easily. “Give me the design as soon as you can. Even though I don’t have a hundred percent confidence, I will find a way to make this work.”

Lu Qi’s blood started to boil, Xinghe’s determined conviction gave him some a small amount of hope.

His said passionately, “Miss Xia, if this is another success, you will have given another wonderful gift to humanity!”

Xinghe shook her head and said lightly, “I don’t care about any of that; I just want to save him.”

All she wanted was for him to be safe; the fame and money she really didn’t care much about.

“I know, but still I wish to thank you!” Lu Qi said seriously.

Xinghe changed the subject lest they dwelled on the frivolities. “I want to see Mubai for a moment.”

“Go ahead and try to talk to him; maybe your voice will be able to instill in him the will to survive. It’ll help.”


Xinghe entered the lab alone. Mubai was still the same way, connected to a series of tubes and devices.

His face had gotten paler and his features more pronounced because of the shed weight.

There were discernible changes all over his body and the only thing unchanged was his weakly beating heart..

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