My Loyal Husband After Our Divorce

Chapter 569 - Chapter 569: Successful First Step

Chapter 569: Successful First Step

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Xi Empire had complete control over their lifeline. If she wanted Bao Hwa to survive, she had to beg for Xi Empire’s mercy but that was impossible!

She didn’t want to lose the company she had built either, without Bao Hwa, she had nothing…

No, she couldn’t allow herself to lose everything. There had to be a way to salvage this.

“Xia Xinghe, just wait!” Lin Jing turned to leave, there was no point wasting time arguing, she needed to figure out a plan soon. My Lin family is so powerful, there must be a way for us to topple Xia Xinghe.

Xinghe called out as Lin Jing rushed to the door, “Lin Jing, remember my warning because I will not show kindness towards those who have wronged me.”


Lin Jing gripped her fists tightly, trying to control herself from rushing back in to strangle Xinghe. She calmed herself by telling herself that Xinghe would get her comeuppance soon enough. Xinghe would pay for treating her this way.

Xinghe didn’t give a flying f*ck about Lin Jing’s hatred towards her because her hatred towards them was even greater, she would make sure the whole Lin family pay.

However, taking revenge against a powerful opponent couldn’t be rushed, and the first step had been successful, so the Lin family wouldn’t be staying alive for much longer. Xinghe glowered darkly at Lin Jing’s back, the Lin family’s days were numbered.

After Lin Jing left, the showcase had lost its purpose. The jewelers all left one by one; they needed to go make a statement that they had nothing to do with Bao Hwa anymore. They didn’t think Xinghe was kidding with her warning. If they continued cooperating with Bao Hwa, Xi Empire would really come after them.

Things had changed, Xi Empire was now the de facto leader, aligning with Bao Hwa would only bring about their own destruction.

Plus, it was not like Lin Jing was a saint. She had not treated them kindly while she was at the top and forced them to lick her boots. They were overjoyed that Bao Hwa was coming down.

This was their chance to shine because someone would have to rise to take the top spot Bao Hwa had vacated. Looking at how Lin Jing was face-slapped at the showcase, everyone knew what Bao Hwa’s future entailed.

Alas, this was only the beginning for Xinghe.

“Sis, that was awesome! That Lin Jing is so angry that I thought her head was going to fly off. One word: amazing!” Xia Zhi gave her two thumbs up and praised her endlessly.

Even Ou Yang Qin couldn’t help but smile. “Miss Xia, I don’t think Lin Jing will just let this be. The Lin family is a force to be reckoned with as well; you have to be careful.”

Xinghe nodded. “I know. Mr. Ou Yang, thank you for your help this time.”

“No need for thanks, we’re allies, aren’t we?” Ou Yang Qin said with a smile, glad that he had chosen the right person to ally himself with.

This woman sure is impressive.

Initially when Xinghe sought him out to issue a collaboration with Ou Yang Family, he wanted to reject it. He had low confidence in Xi Empire without Xi Mubai. However, Xinghe managed to convince him with her brilliance and the proof of Country Y’s diamond commission. Eventually, he chose to cooperate with her..

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