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Chapter 135 - Chapter 135: The Right Approach to Using Artificial

Chapter 135: The Right Approach to Using Artificial


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In a span of only twenty minutes, eighteen, to be precise, the drone landed at this classified airport.

After the ground crew towed the drone into the hangar, Tang Rui called Director Liu.

“Inside the drone’s payload bay, there’s a suitcase… yes, open the suitcase, but don’t touch the equipment inside. Take out those two black patches… yes, yes, and then attach those patches to the test pilot’s temples. Then hang the suitcase in the J-18’s bomb bay… no need to do anything else.”

The call ended.

On the other end, Director Liu had already followed Tang Rui’s instructions and handed the two patches to the pilot to attach to his temples.

These two patches were very thin.

They didn’t affect the pilot’s ability to wear a helmet, and once attached, they were barely noticeable.

“Mr. Tang, what is this for?”

“I don’t know, but it should be related to collecting the pilot’s physiological data during the flight.”

“That makes sense. The patches are sensors, but what about the main unit inside the bomb bay?”

“Don’t worry about it. Just help out, no need to ask so many questions.”


While the two were chatting, the J-18 slowly took off.

After almost a month of testing, the J -18 had performed well in all aspects, and no problems had been found so far.

Therefore, during this period of flight testing, it wasn’t just about take-offs, landings, climbs, and descents; they were now performing various aerial maneuvers, including stall and spin recovery tests.

Tang Rui didn’t know how the J-18 conducted flight testing, and he didn’t care.

After delivering the equipment, he left the lab.

He headed to the assembly workshop inside the mountain.

It had massive internal space, not very high; the height from the ground to the edge of the dome was only 22 meters.

But it was spacious and large.

When the humongous Antonov An-225 came in, its vast real estate was evident, and there was enough space to fit ten or even a dozen transport planes.

Now, this place had been transformed into the assembly workshop by Red Lotus.

When Tang Rui arrived there, at the far end, a forward-swept wing fighter was being towed in by robots.

This fighter was the forward-swept wing validation aircraft that Shen Huoyi had worked on in the past, and all the configurations inside it were state-of-the-art at that time.

However, for the current day, everything was outdated.

Well… even the wiring seemed outdated.

But that wasn’t important.

“Red Lotus, disassemble it. Keep only the landing gear and tires.”

“No problem, 1 can complete the task within three hours.”

As soon as Tang Rui finished speaking, dozens of multi-functional robots nearby instantly activated and surrounded the forward-swept wing validation aircraft.

At the same time, a massive gantry crane slowly moved over the fighter.

Hundreds of robotic arms simultaneously began disassembling it.

Tang Rui looked for a moment and felt somewhat overwhelmed.

The movements of these robots were too fast. In less than ten minutes, the wings had been removed.

Without continuing to watch the aircraft disassembly, he left the assembly workshop and went to the adjacent production workshop.

“Red Lotus, hasn’t Feng Yuanxing’s team finished the internal design yet?”

“Master, it seems they don’t know how to use my computational power properly. They treat me as if it were some kind of artificial idiot.”

“Retrieve the data for me to see.”


A large screen appeared in front of Tang Rui, displaying the data and the use of Red Lotus’s computational power for Feng Yuanxing’s team’s design.

Well, they indeed didn’t understand advanced artificial intelligence. They were using Red Lotus as if it were just a supercomputer. They were simply wasting its godlike computational prowess.

“Old Feng, your design is too slow. Red Lotus is artificial intelligence, not artificial stupidity. You don’t need to worry about the exact path of the conduits. Just provide the parameters you need, and let Red Lotus handle the design.”

Tang Rui sent a message to Feng Yuanxing, informing them of the proper way to use artificial intelligence.

They only needed to provide the design and parameters, and Red Lotus would handle the rest.

To put it bluntly, humans could make mistakes while drawing, but Red Lotus would never make a mistake.

After receiving Tang Rui’s message, Feng Yuanxing was also taken aback.

Is it really possible to use it this way?

Once he realized it, he provided Red Lotus with the theoretical parameters and let it calculate. Soon, he got the results he wanted.

Moreover, he didn’t have to do anything. Red Lotus completed the internal structure design based on the calculated results, which perfectly matched the data he provided.

At this moment, Feng Yuanxing felt like he had opened the door to a new world.

Designing a fighter jet was such a simple thing once you ‘learned the ropes.’

He shared this information with everyone.

It wasn’t even twenty minutes when everyone started using this method.

Laziness was indeed part of human nature.

For other things, they might not be as fast, but when it came to this slacking-off method, they learned it incredibly quickly.

Of course, that didn’t mean they were useless.

On the contrary, they were still very useful since Red Lotus’s design was based on the frameworks and data they provided. Without these frameworks and data, Red Lotus couldn’t create an internal structure from scratch, unless it copied another fighter’s design and then optimized it. But aircraft were different, and their usage was different, so direct copying was not an option.

By the time they finished lunch, Tang Rui received a report from Feng Yuanxing that the internal structure design was complete.

“Red Lotus, simulate the testing of the aircraft.”

“Understood, master. 1 have conducted a comprehensive simulation test on the aircraft, and as of now, we’ve identified twenty-three minor issues.”

“Keep going. Try to finish the testing before I return to the lab.”

“In that case, 1 will give it all it’s got.”

When he returned to the lab, the testing by Red Lotus had already been completed, which meant the design of the Baidi fighter had been finished.

The next step was manufacturing.

“Red Lotus, calculate the time required for producing these components and equipment, as well as the time needed for assembly.”

“Master, from production to assembly completion, it will take approximately eight days and seven hours.”

It sounded quick, but Tang Rui couldn’t wait that long because he had to attend a meeting at Harbin Institute of Technology the following Monday, and there wasn’t enough time.

“That’s too long. Can we shorten the time?” Tang Rui asked, his brows furrowed.

“Master, if we enhance the 3D printing equipment and the nanocoating spraying equipment, we can reduce the time by three days.”

Tang Rui did the math, and it seemed like they could complete it on Saturday. Even if there were some issues, they could still finish on Sunday.

So, there was no need to hesitate. He directly ordered the enhancement of both types of equipment, as it wouldn’t consume too many origin points.

“By the way, Red Lotus, arrange a few robots to build a flight simulator for me. I want to practice flying.”

After enhancing the equipment, Tang Rui assigned Red Lotus a new task.

“No problem, master. In three hours, you’ll be able to enjoy the most advanced flight simulator..”

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