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Chapter 134 - Chapter 134: Give Me Twenty Minutes

Chapter 134: Give Me Twenty Minutes

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After arranging the company’s affairs, Tang Rui returned to his laboratory.

Entering the mountain gate, the cold lights in the tunnel were gradually illuminated from near to far, revealing the texture of the spaceship’s corridor, giving it a distinct high-tech vibe.

All of these changes were brought about by Red Lotus.

“Master, welcome home,” Red Lotus’s holographic projection appeared beside Tang Rui, bowing with a smile.

“Have the laser weapons been set up?”

Tang Rui nodded and glanced at the walls on both sides of the passageway, hoping to discern something, but unfortunately, there was nothing to see.

“They’ve all been arranged. Master, have a look.”

Responding to Tang Rui’s thoughts, Red Lotus instantly activated the holographic projection, simulating the real situation behind the wall.

Rows of flickering laser launchers were revealed. The entire passageway had a futuristic feel and was also equipped with lethal weaponry.

Without Tang Rui’s authorization or any threatening intruders, the laser tunnel would obliterate them.

Tang Rui hadn’t initially thought of such an arrangement. There seemed to be no need for it.

If it could threaten him, setting up this laser tunnel would be futile. Those who couldn’t pose a threat wouldn’t be able to enter in the first place. So why had this been done?

However, Red Lotus expressed that such an arrangement added a certain “feeling” to the environment.

“Alright then. If even an artificial intelligence is talking about ‘feelings,’ there’s nothing more to be said. As long as it’s content,” Tang Rui commented.

“Not bad, that’s it. Don’t tinker with it,” he added.

“Master, this isn’t a torture device; it’s a ritual,” Red Lotus pouted, not happy with Tang Rui’s description.

“Ah, right, right, right. You’re absolutely right.”

“Master, are you just trying to placate me? It must be. Love has disappeared,” Red Lotus quipped.

“Don’t download online videos for analysis,” they continued to banter.

Tang Rui reached his laboratory as they conversed.

The current state of the laboratory had changed significantly. It could be compared to the laboratory of Iron Man in the movies.

Holographic projections could be activated at any time and in any location. But Tang Rui felt that this had been set up for the convenience of projection by Red Lotus.

As soon as he sat down, a housekeeping robot approached with a cup of tea, and he took a sip.

“Show me the communication satellite model I asked you to design,” Tang Rui said after placing the teacup down.

“Master, Red Lotus has designed a total of three communication satellites. One leans towards information confidentiality, another towards transmission bandwidth, and the last towards signal stability.”

The holographic models of the three communication satellites appeared before Tang Rui’s eyes.

“Can’t you combine the strengths of all three?” he asked.

“I wanted to do that, but it would make the satellite too heavy,” was her response.

Tang Rui remained silent after listening. The weight issue was indeed a significant challenge. Rocket capacity was also a limiting factor for satellite performance. Before he could develop a space shuttle, he wouldn’t be able to address this transportation issue.

“If it’s about secrecy, can’t we use quantum algorithms?”

“Yes, but Master, your previous request should not surpass the current technological level,” Red Lotus replied.

It seemed that he had mentioned this before. However, their country did possess quantum algorithms.

“Red Lotus, connect to the classified database and request the download of quantum algorithms and information related to the Mozi quantum satellite.” “It’s connected. Activate face recognition. Master, please blink,” she instructed. Tang Rui blinked at the robot’s camera.

The request was approved, and Red Lotus began downloading the relevant information.

This database was part of the nation’s internal network, housing a wealth of scientific research data. Tang Rui had only gained access to it after relocating here. Outside, even with the necessary permissions and security, he wouldn’t have been able to enter. The computers connected to this database were in highly classified locations.

“Red Lotus, have you finished analyzing the information?”

“The analysis is complete. The quantum algorithm can be used, but the information about the quantum satellite is of limited use.”

“Upgrade the quantum algorithm slightly and apply it to the communication satellite with a preference for transmission bandwidth.”

“Very well,” Red Lotus promptly made the modifications to the satellite.

Tang Rui examined the satellite’s data, parameters, and various equipment information, and then picked up his phone to call Professor Yu.

It had been two months since he last communicated. Professor Yu hadn’t reported any issues and hadn’t provided any information. Now that the satellite had been developed, he felt it was time to communicate.

“Hello, Professor. I’ve completed the design of my satellite… What’s that? The project has been replanned? Oh, I have time… Alright… I understand,” he said before hanging up the phone.

Tang Rui had a perplexed expression. The lunar internet project had been suspended. Why was it halted? The issue seemed to be related to him. After all, he was the one who had developed the graphene materials.

Furthermore, they could be mass-produced. Both the aerospace and microelectronics fields were heavily reliant on material performance. The original lunar networking plan had been arranged and pre-developed according to previous top-level standards.

However, with the breakthrough in materials, the equipment’s performance was bound to advance. Continuing research based on the previous plan would be a waste of resources.

Hence, the project was temporarily suspended. Next week, there was a meeting scheduled at the Harbin Institute of Technology to reevaluate the plan.

Initially, he had no direct involvement in this matter. However, after that phone call, Professor Yu had also invited him to attend the meeting.

Heading to the Harbin Institute of Technology in the middle of winter was a daunting prospect. Would he freeze to death? Yet he had an RV, and he could wear clothes made from nano-materials when going outside, so it shouldn’t be too cold. As long as he didn’t need to use outdoor restrooms, he should be fine.

“Red Lotus, notify Gao Yang to prepare… Wait, don’t notify him yet,” Tang Rui pondered for a moment. The drive from Jinling to the Harbin Institute of Technology would cover a distance of at least 2000 kilometers, if not more.

Just thinking about this journey gave him a headache. Even if he didn’t drive, sitting in a car for an extended period was unpleasant. As for taking a plane, ever since he learned how to fly a plane, he felt uneasy when flying commercially. It seemed that he couldn’t trust anyone else to be the pilot.

If only he could pilot a drone to fly over… Flying a plane was not impossible either. He knew how to operate drones, and while it was on the ground and quite different from flying an actual plane, it at least provided a foundation.

His current physical fitness was certainly on par with a pilot’s, and if necessary, he could further strengthen it. What he lacked at the moment was real experience flying in the sky and piloting an actual aircraft. However, was this really a problem? Not at all.

As someone with unique abilities, learning to fly a plane was a straightforward task for him.

He took out his phone and found the number for Director Shen Huoyi. He then sent a message inquiring about the location for testing the J-18.

Upon receiving the information, Tang Rui instructed Red Lotus to create a suitcase that could be mounted in the built-in magazine of the drone. He placed the learning machine inside, securing it in place.

“Red Lotus, have the ground robots remove the missiles from the drone’s magazine and mount this suitcase,” he instructed.

“Alright, I’ll have it done in five minutes,” Red Lotus replied.

Five minutes later, on the other side of the mountain, the gate leading to the runway opened, and the drone was towed onto the runway by a ground service robot.

On the other side, at a secret air force base where a J -18 was undergoing test flights, the control tower had halted the takeoff.

“Old Liu, why did you suddenly stop the test flight? Is there a problem?” asked one of the staff.

“No, President Tang just called to inquire about our test flight. He asked us to wait for him for 20 minutes. He’s sending something over and requested our assistance,” Old Liu, the controller, explained.

Upon hearing that President Tang was preoccupied with something, the staff had no qualms about the request. What more could be said?

If President Tang could wait for two hours, waiting for twenty minutes was nothing..

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