My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: I Call You Dad 2

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Without much protest, Gu Weiwei opened the door and followed Fu Shiqin downstairs with luggage.

On the first floor, an old man around the age of 70 years old was talking with Fu Hanzheng and others.

“Mr. Ming, Assistant Xu must have told you why we asked you to come here. Please take a look at this painting by Priam to see if it is a forgery or a real one.”

“A painting by Priam?” Ming Zongyuan became very surprised.

As he was talking, he pulled out his glasses and put them on. “There are very few paintings by him out there, and you are even able to find one?”

“Bought it from an underground auction platform.” Fu Hanzheng pointed at the painting on the table. “You are an expert of Priam’s paintings, so please take a look at it.”

Ming Zongyuan got very excited when he heard that it was a painting by Priam. He came to the table and took a closer look at the painting when his face suddenly sank.

“How is it? It is real, isn’t it?” Fu Shiqin just couldn’t wait to get the answer.

Ming Zongyuan removed his glasses and frowned deeply as he turned to Fu Shiqin and the others with displeasure on his face, “Are you guys trying to joke with me?”

Fu Hanzheng squinted. “Are you saying that this painting is… a forgery?”

Fu Shiqin was startled, leaned forward at the painting and said unconvinced, “Mr. Ming, please take a look at the painting carefully, what about me getting you a magnifier to take a closer look at it? The painting cost tens of millions, how could it be a forgery!”

“Tens of millions?” Ming Zongyu was not even bothered to take another look as if one more look would ruin his eyes.

“Who is such a maniac as to spend tens of millions upon a forgery?”


Meng Ruya threw a look at Fu Hanzheng and panicked slightly. She forced a smile out of her and said in a trying tone, “Mr. Ming, please take a closer look at it. You only looked for a second at the painting and concluded that it is a forgery, isn’t that too reckless?”

She was the one who had helped with the painting and she would have to be responsible if that was really a false painting, otherwise she would end up giving Mu Weiwei the credit instead of defiling her!

Ming Zongyuan sounded very impatient. “I don’t have to take a closer look at it! I have seen too many of Priam’s paintings and I can tell the forgery from the authentic with one look!”

“Also, the real painting is the favorite collection of one of my fellows, and I saw this painting in their home. They are not a poor family and they wouldn’t have sold the painting to anyone else.”

He was so fascinated by Priam’s paintings that he became very displeased when he ran into these forgeries.

Fu Shiqin had gathered up tons of words just to belittle Gu Weiwei after Ming Zongyuan’s evaluation, but now, when the painting turned out to be a forgery, he had to keep all of those words down.

Meng Ruya, who had spent tens of millions of yuan upon the forgery, dared not utter a single word when she found herself in a disadvantageous position.

Fu Hanzheng looked up at Gu Weiwei who was walking downstairs. It was impossible to read what he was thinking at that moment.

“Weiwei, how did you know that the painting is false?” Old Lady asked curiously.

Everyone turned to Gu Weiwei after Old Lady’s question.

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