My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: I Call You Dad

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“Thank you?” Fu Shiqin got so annoyed that he burst into laughter, thinking that this woman must have gone crazy. “Mu Weiwei, you just ruined a famous painting we spent tens of millions on, and you want us to thank you? Is it me or you who is the maniac?”

She ruined a painting worth tens of millions of yuan and she was still cheeky enough to ask them to thank her instead?

“Of course you are the one who is a maniac.” Gu Weiwei squinted at him.


Gu Weiwei looked at the oil painting and it was one of the Rose Garden series paintings by Priam, a famous European painter during the 19th century. The rose in the painting looked pretty, yet because of the coffee that permeated the canvas, the entire painting looked very dim and both the original beauty and the artistic conception were no longer there.

“You spent tens of millions of yuan upon a forgery. Tell me, are you a maniac or not?”

“A forgery?!” Fu Shiqin became so speechless when he heard her trying to defend herself with unreasonable excuses.

“You have no knowledge of painting or experience in painting, how would you know if a painting is real or false?”

Meng Ruya added directly, “The painting is bought from the original auction platform and the expert has made an evaluation upon it too. It can’t be a forgery.”

She found the painting and she went to the auction to buy the painting, and now she said that this painting worth tens of millions was a forgery? She was bringing Meng Ruya down!

Fu Hanzheng looked even colder. “You better have a perfect explanation for your discovery.”

Gu Weiwei looked at him and said one word after another clearly, “Priam’s paintings are often done with a technique of thin painting so the result turns out to be transparent or semi-transparent, and his paintings often look very lively. This forgery looks very similar, yet it is not at all done by Priam.”

“I have learnt painting for so many years so why didn’t I see anything of what you just said?” Meng Ruya asked with a light smile.

Gu Weiwei smiled and said straightforwardly, “If you still do not believe me, go and find Mr. Ming Zongyuan. He is an expert for Priam’s paintings and the director of National Association of Fine Arts. He should be able to tell whether the painting is real or fake if he can take a look at it.”

“Ha, so you will never give up until you are on the verge of death!”

Fu Shiqin let out a cold laugh. He had never seen such a cheeky person before.

He did not object to her moving into the Fu Family or pestering his brother all the time, for she was young and innocent, but she was trying to find an unreasonable excuse for what she had done wrong at this moment!

Old Lady took a look at Fu Hanzheng. “Even if you want her to take responsibility, you will have to be completely convinced. Ask Mr. Ming to come here and take a look at it.”

Fu Hanzheng made a call to his assistant to ask Ming Zongyuan to come over to take a look at the painting.

Fu Shiqin snorted. “Alright, let’s ask Mr. Ming to take a look. When the results come out, let’s see what more you can say.”

“If it is real, I will make compensation at any cost.” Having said the words, Gu Weiwei laughed sinisterly, “What if it is a forgery?”

“If it is false, I will call you dad.” Fu Shiqin snorted.

“Very well! Don’t break your promise.” Gu Weiwei got up and said to Old Lady.

“Grandma Fu, I will go pack.”

Grandma Fu nodded. Because of what had happened the night before, Hanzhang was never going to allow her to stay here any more, no matter whether the painting was fake or real.

Gu Weiwei went upstairs to pack up Mu Weiwei’s stuff. Having done the packing, she did not hurry downstairs but sat quietly in the room calmly, trying to think about what she should do with her life.

After a long time, Fu Shiqin went upstairs, pushed the door open with displeasure on his face and said with a sneer, “Mu Weiwei, Mr. Ming is here, and it is too late for you to hide.”

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