My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Tricky Meng Ruya

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The moment Fu Shiqin heard this, he burst out in anger and bellowed furiously, “Mu Weiwei, we spent tens of millions of yuan on getting the painting and it has everything to do with our important collaboration with Wilson Group, and you spilt coffee on the painting?”

Fu Hanzheng did not show his emotions like Fu Shiqin, yet coldness had already crept over his features. “Anyway to repair it?”

Meng Ruya shook her head helplessly. “I have sent the painting to the experts, and they called to say that the repair was impossible. Mr. Wilson is coming to the capital tomorrow and he and his wife love this painting. What are we going to do?”

Gu Weiwei calmly stared at Meng Ruya who was speaking and slightly sneered. As far as she remembered, the painting was placed in the back seat and she had purposefully asked Mu Weiwei to hold it for her.

And, Meng Ruya had bought her the coffee.

It was Meng Ruya who had bought her the coffee and the coffee was spilled because Meng Ruya had suddenly braked. And now, it seemed that Mu Weiwei had to take the full responsibility.

She was the bad one who tried to offload the blame on Mu Weiwei. What a tricky woman!

Ever since Mu Weiwei moved to the Fu Family, she had been trying to approach her like a sweet big sister. Mu Weiwei was too young and innocent to tell that Meng Ruya was just setting her up.

Meng Ruya told her that Fu Hanzheng liked sexy women, so she dressed herself up in a very mature way, covering up her originally beautiful youthful face. As a result, she looked just like a staff member in a night club whose job was to drink with the old and the rich.

Meng Ruya told her that if the Feng Shui of the Fu Family could be changed, her relationship with Fu Hanzheng could also be changed, which was why she went to move the things in the house and ended up breaking the antique vase of the Fu Family.


One step after another, Mu Weiwei gradually became the girl who was detested by the entire Fu Family.

Mu Weiwei might be young and brainless so she did not understand this woman’s trick. But she was Gu Weiwei and she was not stupid. Meng Ruya had not been helping her all this time and instead, she was trying to get Fu Hanzheng and the Fu Family to dislike her so that she could be thrown out in the end.

Fu Hanzheng threw a cold look at Gu Weiwei. “Mu Weiwei, regardless of everything else, you must answer the consequences.”

The Old Lady threw a look at Gu Weiwei who was standing in silence. “Weiwei, did you really… ruin the painting?”

Gu Weiwei nodded obediently, “Yes, I spilled the coffee.”

It had not been Mu Weiwei’s intentions but the coffee spilled because of her.

Old Lady let out a sigh of disappointment. What happened last night had already annoyed Hanzheng, who didn’t ask her to take responsibility because of his grandma. What he had asked her to do was to move out of the house.

But now it was a matter of a company’s collaboration. Fu’s Enterprise and Wilson Group had been in communication for months and it took them ages for Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Wilson to come to the country for detailed communication regarding the collaboration.

Since the couple were very interested in Priam’s paintings, they spent a lot of effort trying to find one of the works, so as to give to the couple as a present.

And now, this painting, which had been so hard to acquire, was ruined by Mu Weiwei’s coffee.

Fu Hanzheng threw a look at Meng Ruya. “Send the painting back.”

Meng Ruya instantly made a call. Within an hour’s time, the ruined-painting was placed in front of Gu Weiwei.

Fu Hanzheng sounded fierce. “You have two choices – first of all, repair the painting so it becomes perfectly fine. Secondly, find another painting by Priam.”

Gu Weiwei blinked and looked sinister yet intelligent at the same time.

“Any third choices?”

Fu Hanzheng looked completely chill as he stared at her.

“Or, take responsibility.”

“Master, Weiwei didn’t mean it. Priam has few to no paintings out there that can be found. We spent months trying to find such a painting. How will she be able to get one right now?” Meng Ruya stood up and continued to plead for her.

“Ruya, stop defending her. If she doesn’t take responsibility, she will end up in jail.” Fu Shiqin snorted.

Meng Ruya threw a look at Fu Hanzheng’s cold expression and showed an invisible smile.

Mu Weiwei was certainly going to be kicked out of the Fu Family this time.

She couldn’t even move into this house, what made this little girl become a resident anyways?

Gu Weiwei was not frightened by the situation. She threw a look at the painting placed in front of her.

“Actually, you should all thank me.”

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