My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Mu Weiwei

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Gu Weiwei stood still for a long time in front of the mirror, trying hard to calm herself down so as to accept what had happened to her.

With people outside the room urging her, she took a quick shower.

Then she picked a beige colored dress that only showed half of her shoulders from among all the other see through clothes that belonged to Mu Weiwei.

Meng Ruya stood behind her back and got very jealous when she saw the traces on her. However, she said with calmness, “Weiwei, did you really… sleep with Master?”

Gu Weiwei noticed Meng Ruya’s look in the reflection of the mirror.

“Should be.”

If it all could have been restarted, she would have chosen not to have been forced to sleep with Fu Hanzheng.

Meng Ruya showed an expression with an affable smile when she saw her turning around.

“Let’s go. The Old Lady and everyone else are already waiting downstairs.”

Even if she had slept with Fu Hanzheng, she would definitely be thrown out of the Fu Family today.

Gu Weiwei pulled herself up and followed Ruya downstairs so as to confront the Fu Family and their interrogation.

Two people were sitting in the living room downstairs. One of them was an old lady with grey hair, she was the Old Lady of the Fu Family. She let out a sigh of disappointment at the sight of her.

The other was the young man who had woken her up upstairs a moment ago. He was Fu Shiqin, the second brother of Fu Hanzheng.

Fu Shiqin had a twin brother called Fu Shiyi, who was absent today.

The last man was Fu Hanzheng, who had… done that with her the night before.

Fu Hanzheng sat still in a suit, giving out an air of arrogance as a nobility.

She understood the situation well, not only because she also shared the same memory with Mu Weiwei, but also because the Fu Family was the worst enemy of the Gu Family who had been after the information on the Fu Family all the time.

As she stood in front of the three of them, she felt as if she was about to be interrogated by three officers.

Fu Shiqin, who had a hot-temper, started to demean her before everyone else.

“Grandma took you into the Fu Family, only because your grandfather saved our grandpa and because you lost your family. We gave you food and a roof over your head, but you are not satisfied. You even want to marry my brother so as to become Lady Fu. You have dreamt too big.”

“Mu Weiwei, nothing will change just because something happened last night.”


Gu Weiwei had no words to talk back. She had been the weak one in the incident that happened the night before, but now it looked as if she had stained Fu Hanzheng instead.

Seeing that Gu Weiwei was staying silent, Meng Ruya defended her in a very sweet tone.

“Second Master, Weiwei has suffered a lot from losing her family. She didn’t mean to do what she did.”

“She means everything! She has not stopped a day after she moved into the Fu Family. She keeps pestering my brother and she has broken father’s antique…” Fu Shiqin sneered.

Gu Weiwei did not talk back at all. Instead, she was being very observant.

Fu Hanzheng checked the time and said to Old Lady, “Please get rid of her before I return, or I will do it myself.”

Gu Weiwei was so frightened that she shrank her neck from feeling the killing intent hidden between his words.

Fu Hanzheng was about to go out of the house and head to the company when Meng Ruya received a call. Then she stopped the two of them, looking serious.

“Master, something wrong has happened to the Rose, the painting we auctioned for Mr. Wilson.”

Fu Hanzheng’s face sank slightly. “What is it?”

Meng Ruya threw an embarrassed look at Gu Weiwei, bit her lips and said, “Assistant Xu was busy before, so I brought the painting back with me. On the way back I went to pick up Weiwei who… accidentally spilled the coffee on the painting…”

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