My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Reborn through Another Soul

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She had been drifting in the darkness for a long time when Gu Weiwei suddenly opened her eyes.

She found that she was not lying in the sickbed any more, but was instead in a bedroom that was decorated with a cold color scheme. Someone was taking a bath in the bathroom attached to the bedroom.

She massaged her head and felt the wetness of blood.

As she looked down and found that what she had on her was nothing other than a silk sleeping gown that barely covered her up.

She did not dare to linger any longer in this strange room, so she got up with her hands holding the shelf and tried to stagger towards the outside of the bedroom.

The door of the bathroom opened and she ran into the arms of a man with water droplets on his upper body and a towel around the lower part of his body.

That man looked muscular and indeed had a sexy figure.

She raised her head and had a clear look at his face before she finally widened her eyes in fright.

This was… Fu Hanzheng?

What was she doing here with him?

Fu Hanzheng was the manager of the Fu Family’s Finance of the Hua Land, the top tycoon in business in the Hua Land.

And the Gu Family’s worst enemy.

Fu Hanzheng grabbed hold of the girl’s thin arm and fury danced between his dark and profund eyes as he sneered. “You are not giving up, are you?”

“Giving up what?”

Gu Weiwei struggled. Her arm hurt a bit because of the grip.

What was going on? She was not in the hospital and she was with this man.

Fu Hanzheng’s face fell, he then dragged her to the bedside and pushed her onto the bed.

That was a kind of action with ripping feelings, making Gu Weiwei let out a cry of surprise. She was getting paler and paler.

She struggled hard, trying to escape from him yet was kept down in the bed.

Fu Hanzheng sounded chilly. “You have used this trick many times, and this is what you want, isn’t it?”

“No, it is not me, that is not what I want…” Gu Weiwei wailed.

What happened?

She was not killed by Ling Yan, but ended up with Fu Hanzheng. What had happened?


Some time later, she was woken up by a noise, and she couldn’t stay asleep any longer.

“Mu Weiwei, the doctor already said that you are out of danger, what are you still pretending for?”

“Grandma kept you here in the Fu Family because she had pity on you! But you are so greedy as to want to become my sister-in-law!”

Gu Weiwei was confused when she saw this stranger in front of her as well as the weird environment surrounding her.

Before she understood what was going on, Gu Weiwei was pushed into the bathroom where she spotted her reflection in the mirror. She became so frightened that she started to breathe heavily.

It was a very young woman reflected in the mirror who was probably at the age of 18 or 19.

But this was not what she was supposed to look like.

Then suddenly strange memories flooded into her brain.

She looked at the maiden in the mirror in surprise and she was hardly able to believe what had happened to her.

She was dead.

But she had been reborn into another person, someone who was called Mu Weiwei, a girl who was 18 years old.

And what she was suffering from was because the original host of the body was a girl called Mu Weiwei.

Mu Weiwei took advantage of Fu Hanzheng who got a bit tipsy from the banquet the night before and drugged him in the soup, trying to sacrifice herself to him with the sexy sleeping gown on her.

However, Mu Weiwei died before she succeeded.


And she was reborn, so that Gu Weiwei became the person who had to answer for everything Mu Weiwei had done.

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