My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Fatal Betrayal

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Fate took away everything from me in the previous life, probably because I am supposed to receive you, the person who is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

—- Gu Weiwei.

“I can’t live much longer in my condition. If I miss this opportunity, I may not even be able to get a heart with Bombay Blood ever in my life. Mom, I do not want to die, I really don’t…”

“But she saved your life before…”

“So what? Mom, haven’t you understood what a despicable woman she is? She is not clean with her private life. She is so fickle and she even caused my most beloved man to run away from me! She owes me everything, and she can pay it back with her heart! That is her destiny, mom, I really don’t want to die, I really don’t want to leave you…”

On the sickbed of the Intensive Care Unit, Gu Weiwei, who had been stabbed and remained in a coma for two months finally heard a voice.

Whose voice was this?

Could it be Ling Yan?

Ling Yan suffered from congenital heart disease, yet due to the rare blood type, she had never been able to get a heart transplant. The doctor ascertained that she was not going to live past her 25th birthday.

Yet she herself also happened to share the same blood type.

Was she saying that she wanted her heart?

She used all of her strength to force her own eyes open.

She was not dead. She was not going to give her heart to her.

Ji Fang suddenly saw the girl in the sickbed opening her eyes. She instantly turned pale.


Ling Yan’s face changed instantly. She turned her head around to the girl in bed when she heard the voice. Fright filled up her face.

When did she wake up?

How much did she hear?

Gu Weiwei tried to open her mouth and she was about to speak when she found her throat too dry for her to utter a sound.

Since she had run into many hitmen before, the Gu Family had kept her protected.

She was barely able to make any friends and Ling Yan was the only friend she had.

Since she had always been quite weak, she had tried all she could to satisfy her wishes by being a good sister, so that she would have nothing to regret in her life.

But at this very moment, she was trying to kill her so that she could have her heart?

Ling Yan’s frightened look gradually faded away when she saw what Gu Weiwei looked like now. A sinister smile soon filled up her pale and sick face. Within one second, she grabbed the shot from Ji Fang’s hand.

“Weiwei, you said that we are best friends, and that you can satisfy all of my wishes. I want to live on, so now help me, give me your heart.”

“Yan…” Ji Fang tugged at her daughter, trying to ask her to give up.

Ling Yan looked vicious as she stared at Gu Weiwei with a dark face. “Mom, do you really want to give up your own daughter for the sake of a dirty bitch? It is either her or me! I have no other way out!”

Ling Yan interrupted Ji Fang’s words and injected the drug into Gu Weiwei’s arm. “If Gu Siting knows that she has woken up, he is never going to let me have her heart.”

She would not be able to live and be together with Gu Siting unless Gu Weiwei died.


Gu Weiwei wanted to live so much that she was trying to struggle out of the situation.

But she had been in a coma for two months and she was too weak to fight back.

She saw fierceness filling up Ling Yan’s eyes and Ling Yan was no longer as weak as she had always been. Then Ling Yan injected the drug into her arm and pushed the plunger down slowly.

She was getting weaker and her eyes heavier. Before she was about to close her eyes, she seemed to see the door of the ward opened, through which, a very handsome and elegant man in a protective suit walked in.

The figure she knew so well approached her little by little.

That was Gu Siting!

Gu Siting, save me!

When she knew that Gu Siting was here, Gu Weiwei felt hope coming to her. She tried so hard to make herself conscious.

“How is she? Still in a coma?”

“She is still in a coma. Mom and the other nurses had talked and they said that time is running out.”

After one moment of silence, a low and hoarse voice arose in the ward. “Schedule the operation and move the heart.”

This one line broke Gu Weiwei’s last hope of surviving.

She became less and less conscious until she finally fell into the endless darkness.

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