My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Trap for Grandson

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“My mother used to like oil painting and she often took me to exhibitions abroad. I have seen other paintings by this artist so the difference was very easily noticed.” Gu Weiwei explained in a very brief way.

As a matter of fact, the real version of this painting Rose was already purchased by the Gu Family eight years ago. It had been hung in the living room of the Gu Family ever since.

Mother Gu had always been interested in Priam’s paintings so she had many paintings by Priam at home as collections. Ming Zongyuan had been to the Gu Family as a fellow painting hobbyist and that was where he saw the real version of this painting.

Ming Zongyuan could not help but throw a few more glances at the girl who was standing to the side with her luggage when he heard that she spotted the forgery first.

“You can see it clearly, little girl. Although it is a forgery, the painter did make it look like an authentic one. I would not have been able to tell the difference within such a short time if I had not seen the authentic one first.”

Gu Weiwei smiled. “Just a coincidence.”

It was just a coincidence that she had also seen the authentic version before as well.

“Ruya, you are just being so careless. How could you make such a mistake upon this important event. If Weiwei had not noticed that it is a forgery in time, and the painting had been delivered to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson tomorrow, Fu’s Enterprise would have lost a great deal!”

“I… I didn’t expect that either, the middle man guaranteed that it was an authentic painting!” Meng Ruya looked guilty and muttered with explanation.

Fu Hanzhang glanced at his assistant Xu Qian. “Go and call the lawyer and find the middle agent and the auctioneer. They must pay back what we have lost. That is your job, do not leave it to anyone else.”

This command was directed towards Xu Qian and also towards Meng Ruya as well.

“Yes, Boss. I am on it.” Xu Qian nodded.

“Brother, let Ruya and myself go together. Xu Qian has to host the meeting in the afternoon.” Fu Shiqin volunteered.

Since the painting was a forgery, he had to call Mu Weiwei dad according to the bet they had set up just now. So he must take off as soon as possible.

Meng Ruya glared at Gu Weiwei next to her. She had planned to punish her so she could be thrown out of Landscape Villa completely, but what she had not expected was that not only Mu Weiwei was not set up, she had lost her credit instead.

Fu Hanzheng poured a cup of tea for Ming Zongyuan in person. “Mr. Ming, this is an emergency for us. We are in desperate need of a painting by Priam, so could you please… spare one for us?”

Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Wilson were deeply interested in Priam’s paintings, yet they were unable to find an authentic painting by Priam at such a short notice.

Mr. Ming had many collections by Priam. As long as he could spare one painting for them, the emergency would be solved.

“Definitely not! They are all of my precious treasures and I will not spare any no matter how much you try to pay me.” Ming Zongyuan instantly took off without bothering to drink the tea when he heard that he wanted to get a piece of treasure from him.

Fu Hanzheng was very aware that it was impossible to make Ming Zongyuan change his mind so quickly. So he stopped asking him.

“Xu Qian, see Mr. Ming off.”

After Ming Zongyuan left, Fu Hanzheng looked at Gu Weiwei with a look of surveying. After a moment, Fu Hanzheng said slowly, “You are right about the painting, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can stay here.”

Gu Weiwei replied instantly, “I get it. I will leave this place right now and I will never show up in front of you again t.”

Fu Hanzheng, “…”

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