My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Meng Ruya Was Furious

“What is the result? How much must Mu Weiwei pay us?” Wu Xiulian tugged at Meng Ruya’s clothes.

Ming Ye threw a surprised look at Gu Weiwei and turned to Wu Xiulian and explained, “Mrs. Meng, this bag is not sold by MG and it is not authentic.”

“How could that be possible? I bought it using more than one million yuan.” Wu Xiulian just couldn’t believe the reality. She turned the bag over and inside out from bottom to top. “We have bought MG bags before and the quality as well as the brand symbol are all the same.”

“Xiulian, just forget it.” Mrs. Fu tugged at Mrs. Meng who was in a frenzy.

She understood English, so she understood the conversation they had with the MG customer service.

“She said that if I apologize, she will compensate for the damage of the bag. Now she wants to find an excuse for herself?” Wu Xiulian was not convinced. She had sullied herself by apologizing to her and now she was not receiving the compensation?

“Mom, just leave it…” Meng Ruya tugged at Wu Xiulian awkwardly. She felt so humiliated that she wanted to leave the event as soon as possible.

She had taken the opportunity to humiliate Mu Weiwei so that Mrs. Fu could hate her utterly and so that she would never be able to find a husband that belonged to this noble circle.

However, she ended up being the one who was humiliated in the end. She was so furious that she wanted to strangle this annoying b*tch to death. But she couldn’t do anything with so many people around.

The guests found it amusing to see Wu Xiulian struggling. MG had told them that they had never had this bag on sale before and she was still so cheeky as to ask Mu Weiwei to pay her back.

One female guest dressed in a black gown stepped out and explained kindly with a glass in her hand. “Mrs. Meng, it is not Miss. Mu who will be paying you back. It is you who will be paying back MG.”

At a cocktail party some time ago, she was trying to approach Fu Hanzheng but was humiliated by Meng Ruya who thought herself a member of the Fu Family. Now, it was her turn to exact payback too.

“What are you talking about!” Wu Xiulian was astonished. It was Mu Weiwei who had ruined her bag, why must they pay back MG?

The female guest in the black gown took a sip of her wine and explained to the guests who had not understood what had happened.

“Martin Green had already signed with the Gu Family from Land A five years ago as the private designer for Gu Weiwei, the daughter of Gu Enterprise. During their collaboration time, all the works designed by him were not allowed to be sold on the market but became the private products of the Gu Family.”

“This bag was the one that Gu Weiwei had when she was attending the royal banquet of A Land and a minor designer who quit from MG copied this bag and sold it at a very high price. What you have bought is the forgery designed by him and the authentic product belongs only to Gu Weiwei, the daughter of the Gu Family.”

“Two months ago, Deborah, a famous singer from S Land attended the press release of her new album with this bag but ended up being taken to court by MG and the Gu Family. She finally made a compensation of more than four million yuan. MG had already published the announcement on their official website that this bag was not authentic and they are in the process of getting every single piece back.”

Wu Xiulian was flipping between either being startled or angry, so much so that she almost passed out. “How could this be… possible? We paid for this bag too.”

The female guest in black gown smiled with schadenfreude, facing the troubled woman as she continued. “MG pays a great deal of attention to their brand image and the daughter of the Gu Family has never liked to share her things with anyone else. That is why the Gu Family hired Martin Green to become the private designer for their daughter, so that she alone is able to enjoy unique and perfect products.”

“You better pray to God that you won’t be asked to make a large amount of compensation, considering that both MG and the Gu Family would both hire their lawyers.”

Hearing that she was involved with the Gu Family, Wu Xiulian dropped her bag onto the floor.

However ignorant she might be, she was fully aware of how powerful and lethal the Gu Family were. They belonged to the nobility in A Land and they were also almost prestigious tycoons. There was never a good ending for anyone who irritated the Gu Family.

Gu Weiwei threw a cold look at the exquisite and expensive leather bag on the floor. She hated this bag to the deepest parts of her bones.

Because after Ling Yan saw this bag, she had loved it so much that she asked her to give it to her as a present.

That woman had asked fot too many things from her, including her life and her heart.

She felt extremely annoyed when she saw Wu Xiulian holding this bag and showing it off in front of her face.

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