My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Pretendence

For a long while, Wu Xiulian still could not believe what was happening. She threw a fierce look at Gu Weiwei.

“What did you do with the phone call? Who would even know if that was really MG? What do you know about MG as a teenager from high school?”

“Mrs. Meng, I made the call.” Ming Ye reminded her with a low voice.

“You can wait until you receive the legal letter from MG to see whether or not that call was really from the company.” Gu Weiwei smiled lightly, showing coldness in her eyes.

Mu Weiwei might not know much about the fashion industry or luxurious goods, but she had grown up in the Gu Family and what she had seen and used were far beyond Wu Xiulian’s reach and imagination.

Ever since she was twenty years old, Martin Green, the designer of MG, had already become the private designer of the Gu Family. He designed her clothes, shoes, bags and ornaments for the four seasons in a year and no one knew MG better than she did.

The moment Wu Xiulian appeared in front of her with this bag, she had already known that it was a forgery. She had not wanted to irritate her, neither had she wanted to give her a lesson; but that woman had not been able to keep her mouth shut, so Gu Weiwei thought it was time to teach her a lesson after all.

Wu Xiulian might not believe what had happened, but the crowd did.

“It is just a forgery and she even has the cheek to show it off and ask for compensation.”

“Now she has smashed her own feet with her own stone. She is totally humiliated, let alone the large amount of compensation she has to make to MG and the Gu Family.”

“But they didn’t know that it was a forgery, maybe they would not lose this case?”

“The Gu Family are famous for being unreasonable. No one has a good ending with them as long as they irritate the Gu Family.The reason why the Gu Family signed Martin Green to create products for them is because they want something special and perfect. The Gu Family would never forgive those who have made a copy of the things from their family and then showed it off. It will get nasty when they are displeased.”

“They have even been able to sign the designer of a luxurious brand as their private designer for so many years. How much money do they have?”


Meng Ruya was calmer than her mother Wu Xiulian. She turned to Gu Weiwei with a wronged face. “Weiwei, I have been treating you as a sister since I got to know you for the first time. I have been giving you clothes and accessories all the time. What on earth have I done that you now treat me like this?”

Hearing these words, the crowd could not help but feel sorry for Meng Ruya and her mother. They had been treating this girl so nicely but now they had been harmed so seriously. This Mu Weiwei was way too ruthless.

So she had known about the news from MG and then she caused trouble by scratching the bag on purpose.

Gu Weiwei raised the corner of her lips, took a step forward and stared at the diamond necklace around Meng Ruya’s neck and said, “Sister Ruya, you did give me clothes and shoes, but have I also not given you my most precious thing? This diamond necklace is my mother’s legacy.”

The female guest dressed in the black gown threw a look at the diamond necklace around Meng Ruya’s neck and said, “This neck is worth more than ten million yuan at least, and it is her mother’s legacy too. It is worth much more than all the clothes you have given her altogether.”

“You have taken great advantage of this little girl and even blamed her for setting you up. But you irritated and provoked her first! Should I replay the video so that people can watch what just happened a minute ago?”

Meng Ruya was totally speechless. She did trick Mu Weiwei into giving her the diamond necklace, claiming that it would be a good way for her to court Fu Hanzheng. Mrs. Fu also knew that this necklace was given by Mu Weiwei, so Meng Ruya simply could not just tell lies by saying that this necklace did not belong to Mu Weiwei in front of Mrs. Fu.

Mrs. Fu threw a look at Wu Xiulian who had turned pale. She patted Meng Ruya’s shoulder and said with a gentle voice, “Alright, your mother looks unwell, bring her back to take a rest.”

It would be very difficult for the mother and the daughter to stay a minute longer at this celebration especially when the situation was becoming increasingly ugly for them.

She was indeed satisfied with Meng Ruya and thought of her as a good candidate for her daughter-in-law. She was gentle, kind and caring, but her mother was indeed an embarrassment.

Meng Ruya was not convinced. But she understood that there was no need for them to stay here when the situation was going against their will. She waved goodbye to the Ming Family politely and went out of the club with her tail between her legs, holding Wu Xiulian by one arm.

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