My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Meng Ruya Was Furious

“Alright, I can force myself to accept the apology.” Gu Weiwei nodded, took a step forward and stretched out her hands as she said, “If you want me to make the compensation, then I will have to be convinced that your handbag is authentic.”

Wu Xiulian took out the private things from the bag and handed the empty handbag over to her and said, “I spent more than one million on this handbag, and you dare to say that it is not authentic?”

Gu Weiwei took over the handbag and without even sparing a look at it, she turned to the female guests and said, “Which of you are a VIP member of MG? I would like to borrow your member number to call the VIP customer service of the headquarters of MG.”

Hearing these words, Ming Ye presented his own cell-phone and said, “When I was studying in Italy, I once bought bags from MG for my mother and aunt. I have their membership number.”

Having said this, he then dialed the number of the MG headquarters in person and put it on speaker phone too.

The moment the call went through, he explained to the receiver in italian that they would need to communicate in English.

He was about to ask Gu Weiwei what she needed to tell the receiver when Gu Weiwei already started speaking to the customer service staff in her pure British English. “Hello, someone here has a MG bag and we would like to test if it is authentic?”

Having heard the words, the customer service receiver said, “Ma’am, we can check it out for you through video or photo. You can have the bag delivered to an MG counter for a specialist to take a look at it.”

Ming Ye cooperatively switched on the camera, the customer service receiver from MG headquarters was a blonde woman.

Gu Weiwei vividly showcased the appearance of the bag, the logo inside and explained some details to the receiver in front of the camera.

After the customer service receiver observed it for a while and inquired with a serious expression. “Please, Ma’am, does this bag belong to you?”

Meng Ruya took a step forward and said, “Excuse me, this bag is mine.”

When the customer service receiver saw Meng Ruya, she asked in a formulation. “Please, Ma’am, give us your name, nationality as well as your contact information. We will contact you as soon as possible.”

Meng Ruya presented her own name and contact information and threw a cold look at Gu Weiwei.

After the examination, she had to turn to Old Lady of the Fu Family and the Ming Family for help for the one million compensation fee.

Some guests took pleasure in Gu Weiwei’s trouble. There were many girls who wanted to become the daughter-in-law of the Ming Family so why did this little girl receive the priority? And she was even bragging that she would be able to pay two million yuan in cash as compensation.

Just look at the cheap dress on her. How would she be able to get two million yuan by herself?

Luo Qianqian and Ji Cheng held their hands tightly together and said in a small voice, “How would she be able to get two million yuan?”

“Don’t worry, grandfather and cousin are on our side.” Ji Cheng clenched her teeth and said, “If she doesn’t want grandfather and cousin to cover the bill, I can lend her the money. I have great amounts of gift money from New Year.”

Compared to the crowd who looked very nervous, Gu Weiwei seemed calm and leisurely. She was patiently waiting for the reply from the MG customer service.

After the receiver wrote her notes, she spoke a large paragraph of English with a serious expression.

Those guests who understood English started to discuss in astonishment.

Meng Ruya turned pale instantly and tried hard to communicate with the receiver in English. However, the receiver turned even colder and then hung up the phone directly.

Wu Xiulian had no idea what they were talking about, but she had sensed that something was not right.

“Ruya, Ruya, what happened? What did MG say?”

Meng Ruya turned to Gu Weiwei who had been calm right from the beginning, and clenched her teeth so tightly in anger that she almost crushed them in her mouth.

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