My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Here on A Blind Date

Wu Xiulian threw a look at Meng Ruya, not sure if what Ji Cheng had said was true or false.

Meng Ruya was, after all, a manager of the public relations department. She was quite good at facing crisis. “She is dressed like this and she doesn’t even have an invitation card. It is hard to tell if she was invited in or sneaked in.”

Mrs. Fu turned her head and looked at the lady of the Ming Family and asked with a low voice, “She is here really at your invitation?”

The club was, strictly speaking, opened by Ming Ye. If she was really here at the host’s invitation, then they truly were not in a place to scold her for anything.

The lady of the Ming Family thought for a while and said, “the Old Master did say that he was going to bring a girl to meet Ye. I am not sure about the details.”

Seeing that the crowd still did not buy her words, Ji Cheng waved at Ming Zongyuan and her cousin Ming Ye who were approaching them. “Grandfather, this woman said that Weiwei sneaked in! They even badmouthed her.”

“I brought her in. If she should not be here, then does it mean that I should not be here either?” Ming Zongyuan shouted with a serious face in a vigorous voice.

He had meant to set up a blind date between Gu Weiwei and his grandson, but these people had now made such a mess that the girl might have run away. If that happened, who would make it up to him for losing a granddaughter-in-law?

“Dad, this is just a misunderstanding. Sorry, I was too careless to notice this.” The lady of the Ming Family came over to help Ming Zongyuan sit down.

Ming Ye was dressed in a black suit. He pushed up his gold-rim glasses and bowed to Gu Weiwei. “Sorry that you have run into such trouble.”

Gu Weiwei smiled. “I was being impulsive. Sorry for the trouble.”

Those female guests who had given a hand to Wu Xiulian all looked embarrassed at this moment.

They had really thought that this girl was a vixen who seduces men, but she was going on a blind date with the Grandson Master of the Ming Family, so why would she ever want to seduce any men?

Mr. Ming was not involved in the political field, but one of his two sons was a high ranking officer in the military and the other an important man in the field of politics.

Ming Ye was the most beloved grandson of Mr. Ming and apparently, Mr. Ming was very satisfied with this girl that he might be taking her in as a granddaughter-in-law.

As the host of the club, Ming Ye stepped forward and said, “Please clarify all the misunderstandings and as for the ruined bag, I can make the compensation for not taking care of you earlier on.”

“That woman said that Weiwei seduces men! When did you ever see my Weiwei seduce any men?” Ji Cheng glared at Wu Xiulian and Meng Ruya angrily.

She would hate these two people if they had ruined the blind date between her Goddess and her cousin.

Gu Weiwei’s lips twitched and threw a look at Ji Cheng who was apparently more angry than she herself. Honestly, could she stop saying that she was her family’s, when she was not?”

“A girl’s reputation is very important. And Mrs. Meng better have a good reason to explain what you have just said. Who has the Mu Girl seduced? Bring him here and expose the truth! If nothing like this happened, apologize to her now.” Mr. Ming sat on the chair with two hands resting on his cane. His back was straight and he looked quite imposing. “What on earth is going on in your mind when you try to ruin the reputation of a young girl without evidence? You have a daughter yourself!”

Mrs. Fu spoke up when she saw the situation. “Mr. Ming, it is just a misunderstanding. Mrs. Mrs. Meng has said something wrong and Weiwei has ruined her handbag too. They are even. Let’s not ruin your banquet just because of such a trivial matter.”

She had never expected that Mu Weiwei could have done something that pleased Mr. Ming so that he wanted to set up a blind date for her and his own grandson Ming Ye.

Having heard the words, Gu Weiwei did not plan to let the entire matter go away. Instead, she said, “As long as Mrs. Meng apologizes to me, I can compensate for the handbag.”

“You?” Wu Xiulian snorted. “How shameless you are to let the Ming Family compensate for you.”

“I meant, I myself will make the compensation, not others.” Gu Weiwei said with a low voice.

Mrs. Fu frowned in displeasure. If she did not want to get money from the Ming Family, she would turn to Old Lady for the money. What money did she have to make the compensation after she was driven out by the Li Family?

Ji Cheng threw a worried look at Gu Weiwei. This handbag cost almost two million yuan, so where would she get the money for the compensation from?

Wu Xiulian threw a look at her own daughter. She understood that if she continued to be stubborn, the Ming Family would be displeased. So she clenched her teeth and said, “Yes, it was a lie that you seduced men. I apologize for what I have said.”

Meng Ruya clenched her teeth out of loathing when she saw her mother bending down in front of so many nobles. “Mu Weiwei, my mother has apologized. Now, how will you make the compensation?”

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