My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: The Discontinued Version of MG 2

The female guests felt sorry for Mrs. Meng and her ruined MG handbag, which was said to be the discontinued version.

MG was the top luxury brand and during recent years, fewer and fewer products had been produced. Their products were also getting more and more expensive. A discontinued version handbag like this might not even be able to be bought no matter how much money one had.

“The discontinued handbag of MG? That must have cost at least eight hundred or nine hundred thousand yuan!”

“If there are only fewer than ten of such handbags across the globe, then it might actually cost more than one million.”

“MG has not produced new things for years and every single piece costs an arm and a leg. This girl is simply too fierce! She has ruined such an expensive handbag just because she was angry.”


The guests had now established a terrible impression of Gu Weiwei, and even more so after they heard what Wu Xiulian said.

“Mu Weiwei! This handbag costs 1.8 million yuan, now even 2 million yuan does not buy one like this. You have ruined it totally!” Meng Ruya confronted Gu Weiwei angrily.

That was her bag. She had lent it to her mother and it was now totally ruined.

Gu Weiwei tossed the fork back onto the table, showing no regret for what she had just done. “If she had apologized to me a moment ago, none of this would have happened. So now, you are blaming this on me?”

“Will you be dead or something if I scold you? Now you have ruined my handbag after a few words that I said! Would you have killed me if I had said more?” Wu Xiulian’s heart ached so badly when she saw the scratches on the handbag.

Soon, Mrs. Fu and the lady of the Ming Family heard the chaos and gathered around. When they saw Wu Xiulian’s anxious and angry face they asked Ruya, “Ruya, what happened?”

Meng Ruya looked wronged and soon her eyes were filled with tears. Then she said, “My mother saw Weiwei sneaking into this place and was trying to persuade her to leave rather than staying and causing trouble here. She became annoyed and then ruined my mother’s bag out of anger. It is the discontinued version of MG and it cannot be bought on the market.”

Mrs. Fu was born into nobility and she was pretty aware of the luxurious brand of MG. There had been fewer products presented by MG during the past few years, so their products were becoming more and more precious.

She was actually quite jealous of Mrs. Meng who had brought the handbag here to this occasion.

“Did you really do that, Mu Weiwei?”

“She said that I specialize in seducing powerful and wealthy men. What I want is an apology.” Gu Weiwei sounded full of justice. She did not think that she had done anything wrong.

What had Wu Xiulian said disgusted her… and so did this handbag.

“Those were just words, and you did not have to do anything like that. This is the Ming Family’s celebration, not a place for you to throw your temper.” Mrs. Fu scolded her furiously.

It did not matter what fuss she had made at the Fu Family, because those incidents were just family affairs. When she did something so humiliating at someone else’s celebration, the Fu Family would also be humiliated at the same time.

And how would she be able to afford the handbag when she ruined someone else’s handbag, Old Lady of the Fu Family would have to cover for her in the end anyway.

“Just words?” Gu Weiwei let out a cold laugh. She coughed through her hoarse throat gained because of her oncoming flu and continued on. “She said I seduced a rich and powerful man to come here to this occasion, this would inflate as a widely spread rumor by the time the banquet is finished.”

“This is something that I have never done and if I work, get into a relationship or get married in the future, women would consider me as a vixen who seduces men and men would consider me as an easy girl. Rumors go around so why should I not get an apology from her?”

In addition, she was planning to enter the film industry and if the clarification was not concluded today, she would have left herself a mark of blackened history.

“Why would you sneak into such a banquet if this is not your plan?” Wu Xiulian said.

She must be seeking for another rich man to support her after she was driven away by the Fu Family and found that she had nowhere to go.

Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian had just returned from the bathroom and saw a group of people surrounding Gu Weiwei. They had also heard what Wu Xiulian had accused Gu Weiwei of.

“Who did you say sneaked in? Weiwei is here at my cousin Ming Ye’s invitation and brought in by my grandfather! How dare you say that she sneaked in!”

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