My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Slept with My Brother Again?!

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Early in the morning, Gu Weiwei did not dare to open the door and walk out of her room. She leaned herself against the door, trying to hear if there was any movement outside the room. She planned not to leave the bedroom until Fu Hanzheng was gone.

Fu Hanzheng got up early as usual. He was waiting for his clothes and the briefcase that Xu Qian had delivered to him.

With eyes upon this elegantly seated man who was drinking coffee, Xu Qian asked, “Should we ask Miss. Mu to join us?”

Fu Hanzheng threw a look at the tightly closed door. “No need, she does not want to see me right now.”

Xu Qian was not very sure about the way his own boss treated women. When Miss. Mu ran after him all the time before, he found her annoying.

Now when Mu Weiwei had stopped bothering him, it became his own turn to badger her. What a… perverted idea!


After breakfast, Fu Hanzheng got himself ready for the company. He engaged himself in reading the material for the morning meeting whilst exchanging some words with Xu Qian. Then he suddenly noticed a flower store on the roadside that was just opening.

“Pull over.”

Xu Qian instantly pulled over the car, turned around and asked, “What is it, Boss?”

Fu Hanzheng looked at the flower store on the roadside and said, “What is the most proper flower to express the feeling of regret?”

Xu Qian threw a weird look at him and answered based on how he apologized to his own girlfriend. “Yellow roses or lillies.”

“Go buy the yellow roses.” Fu Hanzheng said. He must have startled her the night before.

Xu Qian got out of the car, went into the flower store and bought a bunch of yellow roses. When he came back to the car, Fu Hanzheng was already in the driver’s seat.

He grabbed the card from the bunch of flowers and scribbled some lines before stuffing it back into the flowers.

“You do not need to go to the company. Just deliver the flowers to the apartment.”

As Xu Qian watched the black Rolls-Royce Phantom joining the flow of cars, he lowered his gaze to the yellow flowers and then followed the orders by taking a taxi back to Jinxiu Compound.

Right, it was the first time for his boss to send a bunch of flowers to a girl, and it was an important mission that was not to be messed up.

Jinxiu Compound.

Hearing that Fu Hanzheng had left, Gu Weiwei pulled away the tables and wardrobes behind the door and went out to freshen up. She was getting herself ready to meet Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian.

She had just gotten changed and opened the door when she ran into Xu Qian who was about to knock on the door with a bunch of flowers in his arms.

“Miss. Mu, Boss asked me to deliver these to you.”

Gu Weiwei glanced at the delicate yellow roses which were meant for an apology and realized that maybe he was apologizing to her about forcing himself on her the night before?

After a long time, Xu Qian put the flowers on the table after noticing that she did not plan to take them.

“Miss. Mu, it is the first time Boss gives flowers to a girl, I hope you will like it.”

Gu Weiwei did not embarrass Xu Qian. But when she thought of Fu Hanzheng’s words about going out on business, she still asked with a worried heart. “Assistant Xu, your boss is going out on business today?”

“Yes, the plane takes off at eleven.” Xu Qian answered with honesty.

“How many days will he be gone?”


Gu Weiwei nodded. “Okay, you can leave now.”

If he was going to be away for three days, then she would be safe for three days. But she still needed to find a place to live so that she could move out of this wolf’s den.

The moment Xu Qian left she took the flowers, went downstairs and tossed them down into the dustbin.

In the meantime at the office of the Fu’s Enterprise, Fu Shiqin and all the top managers were staring at Fu Hanzheng’s wound on his lips, totally transfixed.

Fu Shiqin remembered that when he drove Mu Weiwei back to the Jinxiu Compound, he did not show up at Landscape Villa later. And this wound happened to be on his lips, so there was no doubt that the wound was generated because of Mu Weiwei.

Then he, with a gossiping mindset, sent a text – “Mu Weiwei, did you sleep with my brother again last night?!”

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