My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Mrs President

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A minute later, Gu Weiwei sent a text back – “Your brother is in his heat period, get a girl to help him vent his anger.”

Fu Shiqin threw a sneaky look at his own brother who was in the middle of a speech and replied instantly, “You are here, aren’t you?”

Could it have been because of his and He Chi’s stimulating talks that he went to Mu Weiwei for some pleasure the night before?

Gu Weiwei replied, “Goodbye, you are no longer in my contacts list.”

It was not until the meeting was over when Xu Qian came to the company in a hurry. “Xu, you are not a guy who is late, what made you arrive so late today?”

“I delivered flowers for Boss.” Xu Qian said with a smile.

After he said those words, all the top managers from different departments who were about to leave the meeting leaned forward and asked.

“Second Master, is President in a relationship now?”

“The wound on his lips must be from a girl, right?”

“Assistant Xu, is the girl pretty? Which family is she from?”


“Of course, my brother has an extremely great taste for girls.” Fu Shiqin said proudly, showing an expression of pride as if he himself had gotten a girlfriend too.

“Second Master, can you tell us which family is the girlfriend from?” The Director of Human Resources Department smiled and asked in a flattering way.

This was their president’s first girlfriend and she might become the future Mrs President.

“No comment.” Fu Shiqin said in a mysterious way.

It took only one afternoon before the love affairs of Fu Hanzheng, the President of the Fu’s Enterprise were spread over the entire company. When it reached the Public Relations Department, the female staff became crazy with jealousy.

Meng Ruya did not attend the morning meeting and she did not arrive at the company until the afternoon. So she had no idea what had happened. She told her subordinates about the work briefly and said, “I have something to do in the afternoon, you guys are on your own.”

“You are going to meet Mrs. Fu right, judging from what you said on the phone.” One female employee said enviously.

Meng Ruya smiled elegantly. “Mrs. Fu said that she has a friend who was opening a club last night, and she wanted me to join the banquet with her.”

“Did you spend the night at the Fu Family?” Another female employee asked out of surprise.

Meng Ruya nodded and replied with a smile, “There was a family banquet and it was getting very late, so I spent the night there.”

She tried every means to showcase her close relationship with the Fu Family.

“Manager Meng, the flowers from this morning must be given to you, right?” When one female employee heard that she spent the night at the Fu Family, she automatically associated the gossip she heard this morning to her.

Meng Ruya smiled. She did not admit anything, nor did she deny anything.

“Manager Meng, just tell us! The entire company knows that the President is in a relationship now and he even asked Assistant Xu to deliver the flowers this morning, and you have brought flowers with you to the company too.”

“And you spent the night at the Fu Family and Mrs. Fu even asked you to join her this afternoon. Is there going to be a piece of joyous breaking news being announced soon?”

“Manager Meng, are you going to be our Mrs President soon?”


Meng Ruya’s elegant smile somehow stiffened. “Who told you that this bunch of flowers is from the President?”

“Assistant Xu was late for work today and when the Second Master asked him for the reason, he said that he went to deliver the flowers to the President’s girlfriend.”

“Also, Director Lin says that the President’s lips were bitten and apparently it was from a kiss. And Manager Meng, who else could it have been when you spent the night at the Fu Family?”

“Alright, alright, just get back to work. I am going to pick up Aunt now.” Meng Ruya took up the flowers and left the office, drawing a great deal of attention and envy.

The moment she opened the car door, she tossed the flowers into the car.

This bunch of flowers was bought by her as a present for the opening of the store. It was not at all from Fu Hanzheng and Fu Hanzheng did not show up at the villa last night either.

She had just driven away the annoying Mu Weiwei, who else was standing in her way now?

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