My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: A Beast Unsealed

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Gu Weiwei was totally dumbfounded by the kiss. Before she realized what was going on, the man’s burning tongue had already reached her soft and tender tongue; so that her lips and tongue were full of the special scent of that man.

She leaned herself backwards, trying hard to get rid of him. Yet the man leaned forward with her until she finally lost her balance and fell onto the table.

The moment she was about to fall, a hand held the back of her head so that he placed her head gently onto the table in case her head hit on the hard surface.

However, the man’s invasion did not cease.

Gu Weiwei tried hard to push the man away who had his chest lowered towards her, yet instead of getting him off her, she ended up releasing his bath robe so that her hand felt the man’s sturdy chest.

Annoyed, she took a heavy bite on the man’s lips, and the sweet taste of blood soon spread over their lips and tongue.

Startled by the pain, Fu Hanzheng left her lips, stretched out his hands to wipe off the blood on his lips, looking gleeful.

Then he pulled her up so she could sit up straight. Yet he still refused to let her go.

Furious, Gu Weiweig glared at him, panting heavily. “What do you want to confirm anyway?”

A patch of redness painted the man’s thin lips, and he smiled, exactly like an unbearably enchanting monster.

“I want to confirm if I am interested in you.”


And she did taste much better than he had expected.

Gu Weiwei took a deep breath, forced herself to calm down and said seriously, “President Fu, I did do something stupid and offended you numerous times before. I apologize to you now, here. But I truly have no interest in you, none at all!”

Fu Hanzheng stretched out his fingertips and brushed away the girl’s loosened strands of hair behind her ears and showed a touch of delight. “If it is because I did not show much gentleness the other night, please give me one more chance, and I am sure you will be satisfied.”


Honestly, it was definitely not a gentleman’s behavior to have taken away a girl’s virginity in such a rude way.

Gu Weiwei became so furious that she shivered slightly. She was already trying very hard to stay away from this dangerous man, yet something had triggered him so that he suddenly started to flirt with her.

“President Fu, I approached you because I wanted to make use of you to help me with my revenge.”

“Now, you can continue to make use of me.” Fu Hanzheng said with an unprecedentedly patient and mild voice as he stared at this girl’s sparklingly bright eyes. “I can help you to take revenge and get everything that belongs to the Mu Family, but you must… become my woman first.”

“No need. Look at Li Jiacheng, any wealthy man is just unreliable. So I will get everything back with my own strength.” Gu Weiwei tried hard to press down her anger. If she had not been aware of her own strength and status that made it impossible for her to beat him, she would have hit him hard at the moment.


“Now, move away from me.”

“With your own strength?” Fu Hanzheng burst into a small laughter. “I can make sure that you can’t move an inch in this country.”

“Ha, so what a President of Fu’s Enterprise can do is to deal with a teenage girl like me in such a mean way?” Gu Weiwei said between clenched teeth.

“Businessmen are always tricky and they always do whatever it takes to get whatever they desire.” Fu Hanzheng showed a faint laugh.

Gu Weiwei stared right into this man’s profound dark eyes coldly. “Then you can just let me die. I have already lost so much and I do not care if it costs one more life.”

Fu Hanzheng carried her off the desk, stretched out his hands and touched her head as a way of consolation.

“Just go and sleep. Good Night.”

Gu Weiwei went straight to her room, locked the door and blocked the door with all the tables and wardrobes.


Mu Weiwei had put her into such a horrible position to have stimulated Fu Hanzheng.

After Fu Hanzheng had forcefully slept with her, he was like an unsealed beast that went into his damned heat.

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