My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: The Unexpected Kiss

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Twenty minutes later, Gu Weiwei had the noodles served in a bowl and went to knock on the door of the study.

“President Fu, dinner is ready.”

Fu Hanzheng opened the door and came out of the study, he was greeted by the appealing smell of warm noodles in the living room. He felt hungry.

He sat down and took a few bites. The tomatoes were boiled so that they tasted both sweet and sour, and the egg felt soft and tender; the noodles blended with the open and smooth texture of the soup.

Although the noodles were not as exquisitely made as the ones made by his home chef, the bowl of noodles tasted like home.


The light of the dining room cast a mild gleam upon the girl sitting opposite him, making her look so beautiful. That was something he had never noticed before.

Seeing that he stopped eating after a few bites, Gu Weiwei looked up in surprise. “Not tasty?”

“It is very tasty.”

Fu Hanzheng continued to eat the noodles and he even drank up the remainder of the soup.

After the dinner, he did not return to the study to deal with the piles of documents but continued to observe the girl opposite him whilst sitting in the chair.

Gu Weiwei felt his gaze on her, and she found it difficult to continue eating.

“You do not need to be so scared of me in the future.” Fu Hanzheng said.


“…” Gu Weiwei looked with curiosity at this man who was speaking.

Had Fu Hanzheng gotten possessed by something since yesterday on?

He started to talk to her in a weird way and looked at her in a weird way too.

No one spoke for a minute. Then Fu Hanzheng stood up to get a cup of coffee from the coffee machine.

“The noodles were very tasty.”

Gu Weiwei smiled, tidied up the tableware and washed them in the kitchen. Mu Weiwei’s mother loved cooking, and she picked up some skills from her.

She had been living in the Gu Family and did not have to cook for herself. But there was one time when Gu Siting was suffering from a stomach issue, and that was what had made her learn to make some simple home dishes with the chefs.

After washing the dishes, she thought of the deadline for the Film Academy application, so she said to Fu Hanzheng, “I would like to check something on the internet. Can I… use the computer?”

“Sure, go ahead.” Fu Hanzheng agreed without hesitation. He then headed into the bathroom to take a shower.

Gu Weiwei took out the identification card that she had taken from her things from Zhou Linna, went into the study and opened the official website of Film Academy. She glanced through the requirements for the application, registered an account and started to fill in the application form.

Since the photos and identification card were needed, she had to turn on the scanner and spent almost a whole hour trying to finish the application.

“Why Film Academy?”

Fu Hanzheng had appeared behind her somehow.

As far as he remembered, she had always been a piano learner and the rumours said that she was gifted.

The entertainment zone was too complicated for a girl to be in it.

“A dream maybe.” Gu Weiwei closed the page, stood up and said, “I am done now, thank you.”

This man was so intimidating that his appearance made the entire study fill with an inexplicable kind of pressure. So she decided to leave after expressing her gratitude.

“Hang on.” Fu Hanzheng said, and took ahold of her slender waist and placed her on the desk.

“I have one thing I would like to confirm, please cooperate with me.”

Gu Weiwei leaned backwards, trying to pull herself away from him.

The man leaned forward and placed his hands on the table on either side so that she could not even get off the table.

“What is it? Can’t we get another…”

Before she finished the words, the man took hold of her chin and forced her to look up at him.

Then, his lips that were full of lust, were pressed upon hers without any warning and started to invade her lips and tongue.

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