My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Fierceness?

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Meanwhile, Fu Hanzheng had also received the report from Lei Meng in the study.

“Boss, I have checked what you have asked me to. Longsheng Enterprise is aiming at a large project with Tiansheng, and the contract was signed yesterday.”

Fu Hanzheng closed the study. “Anything else?”

What made Lei Meng confused was why his boss started to care about Longsheng Enterprise. So he called Xu Qian this morning and asked about it. Xu Qian said that Lei Meng should pay more attention to the information related to Mu Weiwei.

“They signed the contract with Wang Weidong from Tiansheng.” Lei Meng paused for a moment and continued. “They had planned to give Miss. Mu to Wang Weidong as a present, but Miss. Mu ran away from the hotel yesterday and Li Jiacheng’s wife Zhou Meiqin and Wang Weidong ended up being in the same room until noon.”

“Also… Wang Weidong had already sent out people to keep track of Miss. Mu this afternoon.”

Having heard this , Fu Hanzheng stayed silent for a moment before dispatching an order.

“From tomorrow onwards, get someone to follow her to make sure she is safe.”

He did not want anything similar to happen again.

It made him feel uncomfortable when the woman he had touched was being coveted by someone else.

Although Lei Meng was curious as to why his own boss suddenly started to care about Mu Weiwei, he did not dare to ask him directly.

“Okay, I am on it now.”

Having hung up the phone, Fu Hanzheng came out of the study and ran into Gu Weiwei who had just come out of her room. She was on her way to make preparations for dinner when she found him still there in surprise.

“President Fu, aren’t you… going home?”

“I am out on business tomorrow morning after the meeting.”

Although Gu Weiwei found it uncomfortable to share the same roof with him, this man had spent the entire night taking care of her.

And she was living in his place, so she couldn’t possibly drive him away when Fu Hanzheng refused to leave.

So she opened the fridge, took a look inside and said.

“I didn’t buy any food today, so you don’t mind eating noodles for dinner, do you?”

“Very good.” Fu Hanzheng didn’t return to the study after saying those words.

Instead, he stood on the spot and watched the back of the person who was busy making the food as if he were waiting for something.

Gu Weiwei felt a bit awkward at being stared at like this. She threw a look at him.

Could he have gotten so hungry that he couldn’t wait for dinner?

“If you are too hungry, what about eating the bread in the fridge?”

Fu Hanzheng waited for a long while and asked directly, after he realized that she was not planning to tell him anything. “Weiwei, is there anything you want to tell me regarding what happened yesterday?”

Gu Weiwei thought for a moment. Although it had been she who refused to visit hospital the day before, this man had been showing a great deal of kindness towards her anyways.

He not only drove her to the hospital and demeaned himself by taking care of her the entire night. So it was totally reasonable for her to show some gratitude.

She wiped her hands instantly and came to his side, bowing.

“President Fu, thank you for helping me at the hospital.”

However, her gratitude did not please Fu Hanzheng, but actually displeased him instead.

“That is not… what I meant.”


Gu Weiwei was confused. Did he mean that she was not sincere enough in showing her gratitude?

“Don’t you have anything to tell me about being drugged?” Fu Hanzheng reminded her.

On the way home from hospital, he had expected her to tell him something. Yet she had kept her mouth sealed throughout the entire time.

Gu Weiwei threw a look at this man who seemed a bit furious and said confusedly, “I ran into some trouble. I can fix it myself.”

They were not in a relationship where she told him what displeased her and what made her miserable.


Fu Hanzheng pursed his lips, turned around and headed towards the study. Had he been too fierce when he was driving her out of Landscape Villa?

That was why she was scared of him and tried to keep a distance from him purposefully?

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