My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Fu Hanzheng Never Had a Girlfriend

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Fu Hanzheng frowned slightly. What made them make this pitiful face? It seemed that they were doing that for him, not for her.

“Spill it.”

Fu Shiqin and He Chi exchanged a glance, both looking embarrassed.

No man would want anyone else to know about this kind of unmentionable disease.

But since he already had the disease, he must have it cured.

“He Chi, you are the doctor, you can tell him the truth.”

He Chi said, “You are brothers, I am not family, so you speak.”

If he irritated Fu Hanzheng, he would be in big trouble.

Fu Shiqin was his brother, and his punishment would not be that big anyway.

“Brother, I mean… well…” Fu Shiqin stuttered for a long time, not having any idea of how to put it.

Fu Hanzheng already looked very impatient. “What is it?”

“Well…” Fu Shiqin scratched his head, finding it very difficult to speak out.

Gu Weiwei, at this moment, had just gotten changed and walked out of the bathroom. She helped the two of them finish their sentence.

“They wonder whether you have some problems in bed, because you have never had a girlfriend, and you are unmarried, and you never have s*x with anyone or even have any adult videos on your computer…”


“…” Fu Shiqin and He Chi both became petrified.

That was the truth, but could she just slow down a bit?

Fu Hanzheng’s face sunk and fixed his eyes upon her.

Gu Weiwei felt a bit uncomfortable from his stare and pointed at the two people behind them.

“…That was what they said!”

Fu Hanzheng turned his head sideways and gave them a killing look, making the two of them shiver.

“Who told you all of this?”

Fu Shiqin and He Chi exchanged a look and pointed at Gu Weiwei.

“She did!”


Gu Weiwei. “…”

Seeing the killer look on Fu Hanzheng’s face, He Chi instantly made Gu Weiwei take the blame.

“She said that she has no interest in you because you have a problem in bed.”

Fu Shiqin added when he realized what it was going on. “Yes, she told us about it! That is why we are wondering if you need a doctor.”

“…” Gu Weiwei’s lips twitched.

It had been these two dumb-headed persons who had been gossiping the entire afternoon and now they made her take the blame, when they found the situation was turning disadvantageous for them.

Fu Hanzheng stared at her for two more seconds. Instead of spending any more time on explaining anything to Fu Hanzheng and He Chi, he asked Gu Weiwei to leave with him before he went out of the ward himself first.

With a heavy heart, Gu Weiwei stepped into the car. She had thought that he would leave after he drove her to Jinxiu Compound.

However, after he parked the car, he followed her back into the apartment upstairs.

The moment they entered the apartment, she heard her phone ringing. She put down her things and went to answer the phone in the bedroom.

“Goddess, you missed class today. I have been calling you the entire day.” Ji Cheng called.

“I am so sorry, I was suffering from a fever and I have just come back from the hospital. That is why I missed class.”

Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian exchanged a few words on the other side of the phone and said, “Goddess, where do you live? Me and Qianqian can visit you now.”

“It is okay. I will meet you tomorrow when I get better.”

Gu Weiwei threw a look at this luxuriously decorated apartment. She found it very difficult to explain to them why she was able to afford this apartment alone, if they were here.

Having hung up the phone, she went through the missed calls. Apart from the calls from Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian, Zhou Meiqin had called her numerous times too.

Only now did she realize that one day had passed since she left the hotel the night before.

When Zhou Meiqin failed to set her up, she was somehow punished. Right now, she must be seeking every way to take revenge on her.

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