My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Long-Lasting?

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An hour later, Fu Shiqin arrived. He stared at her for ten minutes by the bedside.

Then he asked, “How come you flirted with my brother again?”

Yesterday morning when she cut her hand, he helped her to stop the bleeding by bandaging and wrapping it.

At night, he went to Jinxiu Compound to carry her to the hospital.

Even he, as the brother, had never experienced such excellent treatment.

Mu Weiwei threw an ‘are you an idiot look’ at him. “I have no interest in your brother.”

“No interest in my brother? Then why did you force yourself onto him when he was drunk from the banquet?” Fu Shiqin snorted.

It was impossible to believe her words when she said that she had no interest in his brother, when she had been trying so hard to seduce him before.

Hearing that someone was in the ward, He Chi woke up drowsily.

Hearing what Fu Shiqin said, He Chi suddenly became incredibly awake.

“You really slept with him?”

Mu Weiwei truly had no interest in talking with these two people any more. She had the blanket over her head and tried to fall asleep.

But He Chi was already interested by the topic of gossip and so He asked Fu Shiqin further, “I had thought that Fu Hanzheng is up to something because she is pretty. But it seems that it was Sister-in-law who had been up to something to begin with. Are you sure you slept with him? Fu Hanzheng is well and fine in bed?”

“Hey, what do you mean well and fine? You are the incapable one, okay?” Fu Shiqin started to defend his brother out of habit.


He Chi said, “Your brother has been single since birth. He doesn’t date or marry anyone. He is a robot who does not even have any adult videos on his computer. When she gave him such a passionate kiss last night, he ended up giving her up! What other issues can it be apart from being incapable in that area?”

Hearing his words, Fu Shiqin threw a weird look at Gu Weiwei in the sickbed.

This girl had been badgering his brother before, but after the night, she somehow lost her passion.

Could it have really been the fact that his brother was incapable in that area, so she gave up courting him?

So, he poked her blanket and asked.

“Well… you said that you have no interest in my brother, could it have been because of this issue?”


He Chi kept asking curiously standing on the other side of the bed.

“What is his size? How long could he last?”


Gu Weiwei couldn’t stand the questions. She lifted the blanket and sat up. “Why not ask him yourselves if you guys are so curious?”

“He won’t tell us.” Fu Shiqin looked serious. He kept on asking.

“You know the best apart from my brother himself. You have seen it and used it…”

Gu Weiwei was speechless and returned with a casual reply. “Alright, alright, you are all correct. Okay?”

Fu Shiqin collapsed. When God gave him a perfect appearance and an intelligent brain, he also deprived him of an even more important thing.

He Chi let out a sigh of regret and said. “There is an experienced Chinese doctor at the hospital who is quite professional in this aspect. What about… asking your brother to check in with him and see if his problem can be solved?”

Gu Weiwei covered her ears, refusing to hear any more words from these two people.

At seven in the afternoon, Fu Hanzheng left work. He then went to Jinxiu Compound to get some of her clothes and drove to the hospital.


After he entered the room, he found the room filled with an air of strangeness. He placed the bag of clothes on the bed and said, “Get changed, you are going home.”

Hearing that she was discharged, Gu Weiwei picked up the clothes and changed in the bathroom.

Fu Hanzheng threw a look at Fu Shiqin and He Chi who had a weird expression of sympathy on their faces, and thought that something was wrong with Gu Weiwei.

“Didn’t you say that she has recovered?”

“Brother, He Chi says that there is a very skillful Chinese doctor at the hospital, what about… having a checkup yourself?” Fu Shiqin inquired with a serious expression on his face.

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