My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The Scary Desire of Occupation2

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Fu Hanzheng was too busy making a call to notice the changes in her expression.

Gu Weiwei watched the back of Fu Hanzheng with a twisted expression. How could she ever possibly do something so beastly to him?

If He Chi had not showed up in time, she would definitely have slept with Fu Hanzheng the night before.

After making the call, Fu Hanzheng turned around and saw her frowning deeply.

“Still feeling unwell?”

Gu Weiwei shook her head and stumbled with her words.

“I did not mean it… last night.”

“What do you mean?” Fu Hanzheng raised his eyebrows.

“That I forced myself on you. I didn’t mean it! I was feeling dizzy, and I would have done that to any man…” Gu Weiwei tried very hard to explain what she had regrettably done.

However, what she had not discovered was that the more she tried to explain, the worse Fu Hanzheng looked.

“You would have done that to any man?”

Gu Weiwei nodded. “So I really didn’t have any desire towards you, President Fu.”

Fu Hanzheng’s face sank even deeper.

“Anyway, Thank you… for last night.” Gu Weiwei said gratefully. If she could she would have climbed off the bed and kowtowed to him.

Although, she felt that she was not in desperate need of help, to be honest she could have made the drug go away if she stayed in the bathtub for a few more hours.

Yet he decided to carry her out so that she almost attacked him like a beast.

But Fu Hanzheng had been behaving very weirdly during the past two days.

He put on the bandage for her yesterday morning and in the evening, he drove her to the hospital and stayed by her side for the entire night.

Could it have been because she had… oh, well, Mu Weiwei had slept with him?”

She was just trying to rack her brain to figure out what Fu Hanzheng had done when He Chi came with breakfast.

“Sister-in-law must have woken up. I bought some breakfast from the canteen, do you want some?”



What in the world was Sister-in-law in this case?

Gu Weiwei turned to Fu Hanzheng out of confusion. She had been sleeping for a few hours and now she had become a Sister-in-law?

She was expecting that Fu Hanzheng would have corrected He Chi for his nonsense when he turned out to be deaf to this title.

Seeing He Chi here, Fu Hanzheng grabbed his suit jacket and came over to the bedside.

“I have an important morning meeting at the company. Fu Shiqin will be here later, tell him if you need anything.”

Gu Weiwei craned her head out of the blanket and stayed silent whilst trying to figure out the title He Chi had addressed her with. She was frowning.

Fu Hanzheng saw her twisted expression and thought that she wanted to say something. “Anything wrong?”

Gu Weiwei saw that he was checking the time, so she shook her head.

“No, thanks.”

After seeing Fu Hanzheng off, He Chi carried the breakfast to her bedside.

“Sister-in-law, you can’t have eaten anything last night. The porridge at our hospital is definitely delicious…”


“Doctor He, could you please change the way you address me?”

Gu Weiwei reminded him, feeling displeased. He talked as if she really had been in a relationship with Fu Hanzheng.

“Well, that is just a matter of time before you are addressed by this title. You will get used to it.” He Chi said as he sat down on the sofa and started to eat the wontons.

Gu Weiwei had lost her appetite after being called Sister-in-law.

“Doctor He, President Fu and I are really not in a relationship.”

“Fu Hanzheng is a cold-blooded robot. He only cares about work. Do you think that there is any other woman who has ever been so well taken care of by him ever?” He Chi ate and mumbled, and then he threw a look at the girl in the sickbed.

“As far as I know, you are the first girl, so what else should I call you apart from Sister-in-law?”

“That’s because Grandma Fu wants them to take care of me.” Gu Weiwei stressed.

He Chi snorted. “If I had not appeared in the parking lot last night, you would have done it in the car, judging from how deeply you were kissing.”

Gu Weiwei. “…”

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