My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Scary Desire of Occupation

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Lei Meng became startled from the other side of the phone. He asked, “Which Li?”

Was there a Li in the capital city that was big enough for his boss to care about?

“Longsheng Enterprise.” Fu Hanzheng repeated.

Lei Meng found it unexpected. What made an enterprise like Fu’s Enterprise start to care about a minor enterprise like Longsheng Enterprise?

“I will do that now. I will report it to you tomorrow.”

Fu Hanzheng hung up the phone and glanced at the girl who was fast asleep in the sickbed. He let out a sigh of regret when he thought of what had happened a minute ago in the parking lot.

What was going on with him today? How could a kiss from a drifting minded girl make him distracted?

He had found her annoying before. But after she helped them to discover the forgery and complete the collaboration with the Wilson’s in silence, he started to wonder what kind of person she really was.

And when he ran into her yesterday in the apartment he somehow felt a bit delighted.

It was three in the morning and Gu Weiwei started to have a fever. Fu Hanzheng called He Chi again.

A while later, He Chi passed him the thermometer and said, “We must test the body temperature first.”

Fu Hanzheng said, “You are the doctor, do what you are supposed to do.”

“Alright then, I will do that.”

He Chi came to bedside, lifted the blanket and started to unbutton Gu Weiwei’s gown. Before he was able to touch the button, he was stopped.

“What are you doing?” Fu Hanzheng looked chill.

He Chi showed an expression of innocence. “I am trying to test her body temperature! How am I supposed to do that without being able to put in the thermometer?”

“Get the nurse.”

“All the nurses are men today.”

He Chi said and was about to unbutton the gown so as to put in the thermometer. “Don’t worry, we are doctors and we do not care whether the patient is a man or a woman.”

Fu Hanzheng approached him and grabbed the thermometer from out of his hand.

“Move away.”

He Chi moved away obediently and sat down on the sofa next to them as he mumbled annoyedly, “Fu Shiqin broke his leg before and was hospitalized, but you never visited him. Now this girl is just suffering from a very small fever and you have come to take care of her in person! You fake brother! Have you ever considered how your brother feels?”


Fu Hanzheng checked the time, took out the thermometer and covered Gu Weiwei up again with the blanket.

He Chi checked the thermometer and said, “Yes, she is suffering from fever. I will get some antipyretic paste and medicine whilst you can feed her more water to help to drive away the fever.”

A while later, the nurse on duty delivered the antipyretic paste and medicine, saying that He Chi was stuck in an emergency case.

Fu Hanzheng unbuttoned his sleeves and rolled them up before pouring a cup of water. Then he lifted the girl in deep slumber and made her lean against himself.

Then he fed her the antipyretic medicine, and a cup of water before putting her down.

In the several hours following, he lifted her up to feed her water every half an hour.

When the dawn came, Gu Weiwei opened her eyes drowsily and saw a cup of water coming towards her mouth.

Since she was indeed feeling thirsty, she took a sip and then looked at the person who was feeding her water. Then she was so shocked that she almost got choked on the water.

Fu Hanzheng put down the cup and smoothed her back.

Gu Weiwei found that she was leaning in his arms, so she instantly sat up straight.

Be it because of choking on the water or because of embarrassment, she was deeply flushed.

Seeing that she was awake, Fu Hanzheng passed the cup of water to her.

“Drink it up.”

Gu Weiwei held the cup in panic and was suddenly reminded of the past few hours when she drank some water in dizziness.

Could it have been him who fed her?

By putting her in his arms?

And something more happened to the water drinking. He took her out of the bathtub last night in the apartment, he got her changed and she kissed him too in the car on the hospital’s parking lot and she was even on the verge of sleeping with him.

Oh man, that didn’t seem so nice.

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