My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Giving Her Up?

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Gu Weiwei glared at this man who always spoke something surprising.

Fu Hanzheng tossed a handful of sleeping gowns over to her and turned himself away from her, standing still.

“Get dressed, we are going to the hospital.”

“It’s none of your business, just leave.”

Gu Weiwei turned him down with a cold voice. She really did not want to be around this man any more.

Fu Hanzheng ignored her protests and said with force.

“Will you do it or I will do it?”

With clenched, Gu Weiwei stretched out her frozen hands and tried to unbutton her wet gown.

But it seemed that the buttons were trying to trick her somehow, so that she failed to unbutton a single one after a long time.

After several minutes, Fu Hanzheng turned around a little and looked at her.

Seeing that she had not yet gotten changed, he came over to her and helped her to remove the wet clothes.

Then he, without changing a single expression, wiped off the water on her with the towel and put on the clean sleeping gowns for her. The entire process took only two minutes.

Gu Weiwei looked at the man who helped with the buttons. He was still wearing a cold expression on his face, yet she felt a touch of gentleness from him.

Fu Hanzheng was silent throughout the entire process. After getting her dressed, he took off his suit jacket and wrapped her in it. Then he took her up in his arms and started to walk outside.

Gu Weiwei couldn’t help but feel like crying, when she felt his warmth and the coat over her.

What she had not expected was that on this night, when she was feeling the most helpless, Fu Hanzheng was the one that came to keep her company.

As they entered the elevator, she whispered with a small sob, “Thanks.”

After Ling Yan took her heart away and Gu Siting deserted her, she was again sent by the Zhou Family to become someone’s toy.

So when he appeared at this moment and gave her warmth, she found it very cherishable.

Fu Hanzheng brought her downstairs in silence, put her in the car and buckled her up with the seat belt.

Then, he drove her to the hospital which was attached to the Fu’s Enterprise whilst making a call to He Chi on the way.

The car had the heat on, and Gu Weiwei no longer felt cold; instead she was feeling increasingly uncomfortable because of the heat.

She looked at the man who was driving with a pair of drifting eyes.

“You… better let me get out.”

If they continued to stay in the same car, she would not be able to control herself from lunging at him.

“We will be there soon.”

Fu Hanzheng pressed the accelerator and sped up.

When they came to the hospital, he pulled the car over and carried her out of it.

However, before he was able to carry her out of the car, Gu Weiwei, who had lost all of her rationality, looked up and kissed his lips out of anxiety.

Despite her terrible kissing skills, his soul shivered the moment her kisses touched him.

This pure and innocent girl as he had remembered before was now a very lustful woman.

Rationality told him that he should carry her upstairs and bring her to the doctor.

But the girl’s soft lips fascinated him totally.

He Chi was picking them up at the parking lot when he noticed the two people tangled together. He let out a cough to remind them of his presence.

Fu Hanzheng let go of the girl’s soft lips and pressed her into his arms.

Gu Weiwei kept bumping against his chest, and the thirst that was pressed down a minute ago surged on again.

Fu Hanzheng threw a look at He Chi and said with a dark voice.

“She has been drugged…”

He Chi nodded understandingly and said.

“If the car is not large enough, my dormitory is empty and you can solve your problem there…”


Before he finished his words, Fu Hanzheng threw a cold look at him.

“Give her some sedatives to calm her down.”

Hearing those words, He Chi threw a look at him incredibly.

“Really? Giving her up now? You may not have any more chances to have her in the future, even if you want to.”

Look at the girl in his arms, so lovely and so lustful, and he decided to give her up?

Could it have been that he appeared at the wrong moment?

If he had come a bit later, they would have done it in the car.

Fu Hanzheng carried the girl upstairs and let out a sigh of relief inside his heart, after seeing He Chi giving her a sedative.

After the shot, He Chi threw a look at him.

“If you regret it now, it is still not too late. My sedative has not started to work yet.”

Fu Hanzheng looked chill. “You can get out now.”

He Chi snorted and left the ward.

Fu Hanzheng sat down on the sofa in the ward and called the Leader of the Fu Family’s Security.

“Lei Meng, check what the Li Family have been up to recently.”

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