My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 295 - Brothers

Chapter 295: Brothers

Fu Shiqin spent the entire night working overtime at the company whilst Fu Shiyi spent the entire night guarding the company.

Neither of them refused to leave, yet neither of them dared to start a fight at company.

Over one night, Fu Shiqin not only finished the tasks Fu Hanzheng gave to him, but also killed the time by finishing even more work.

After Fu Hanzheng came to the company, he praised his achievements.

Then he gave him even more work to do, so that he didn’t have to come to the company in the afternoon but instead spend more time with his girlfriend at home.

After working overtime for three days in a row, Fu Shiqin finally went to his brother and begged him tearfully.

“Brother, I need to go home.”

“Okay.” Fu Hanzheng answered coldly.

Fu Shiqin had very heavy black rings below his eyes, which were also bloodshots, as he said to him pitifully, “But Fu Shiyi is waiting for me outside the company, please, help me!”

He had stayed at the company for three days and he had not had a good time eating or sleeping. He also had to watch out for Fu Shiyi who might rush in to pull him out of the company and punch him like a plaything, when he was asleep. It had not been a very pleasant time for him.

“Why should I help you?” Fu Hanzheng looked up, showing no sympathy at all.

Fu Shiqin said, “If I am beaten to death or even get injured because of him, I may not be able to work here anymore and you will have very little time left for your dates due to the heavy work-load, right?”

Fu Hanzheng thought for a moment and said, “Okay, I will make sure he doesn’t disturb you at work.

If he was not at work, he would definitely be influenced.

“I…” Fu Shiqin felt so annoyed.

So what he meant was that he was not going to help him but he was going to ask Fu Shiyi not to disturb him at work.

Oh my gosh, why did he have brothers like this?!

When he could not find any help from his brother, he had to sneak into the bathroom and made a call to his brother’s girlfriend instead.

“Sister-in-law, I need your help…”

Gu Weiwei was just about to shoot a commercial as the ambassador for a brand, when she heard Fu Shiqin’s voice and cruelly snorted.

“Why didn’t you think about it when you were causing the trouble?”

“I…” Fu Shiqin felt upset.

Actually, if his brother had not had a hand in his own matters, Fu Shiyi would never find out that Gossip Head was him.

That was why he dared to reveal so much negative information about this man without concern for so many years.

However, what he had not expected was that when his eldest brother was in love, he became different.

He might not say a thing when someone else asked about it but when his girlfriend asked him about it, he totally betrayed him, so that he ended up spending three days at the company, not even daring to go home.

“I spent three days at the company and Fu Shiyi is downstairs and still not leaving. If you don’t help me, I will be dead because of overworking!”

And his ruthless brother had not shown a single pitiful feeling towards him, even though he was having a hard time.

Instead of helping him, he gave him even more work and left to go home to his girlfriend.

“I am not helping you, I am going to work now.” Gu Weiwei hung up.

Since the two had fun in setting each other up, then she had better not ruin their fun.

With no other way out, Fu Shiqin went downstairs and started a fight with Fu Shiyi.

They found a place where they could have a huge fight, they fought to the point where Fu Shiqin was heavily punched and Fu Shiyi badly injured.

After the fight, they went to He Chi to deal with their wounds.

He Chi looked at the two brothers and sighed. He found that the Bringing Fu Hanzheng Down Team was not going to be promising anymore.

“We rebuilt the team just to bring down your eldest brother but you two have had a fight, before we’ve even dealt with your brother.”

Fu Shiqin looked at Fu Shiyi and became speechless.

Fu Shiyi threw a look at Fu Shiqin too.

Oh that sounded right. Why did they have an internal fight before they even did anything to their eldest brother?

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