My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 294 - Fun of Life

Chapter 294: Fun of Life

Fu Shiqin chose to stay at the company and Fu Shiyi refused to leave the company, so they just found themselves in a frozen confrontation.

Fu Hanzheng only promised that he would be safe when he was at work but he said nothing about him being fine outside of the company.

In this way, Fu Shiqin refused to leave the company because of Fu Shiyi’s stalking.

He would rather stay at the company and work overtime than go home.

They spent the entire night staying in such a frozen confrontation, with neither of them willing to leave.

Fu Hanzheng gave Fu Shiqin a pile of work and he left to go home very early in the day, to spend time with his girlfriend.

Gu Weiwei slept from morning until the afternoon and texted Yuan Meng about the time and address of their meeting, with the new phone her assistant had bought for her.

Then she switched off the phone and hid it away.

Fu Hanzheng was hunting the Yuan Family, because he wanted to find her.

So she had to make him believe that Gu Weiwei was dead already and only the Yuan Family were able to make him believe that.

She was just thinking of how to make Fu Hanzheng believe the truth without Gu Siting feeling suspicious, when the door of the apartment opened.

She came back to herself and craned her head out of the study and asked, “You are home already?”

Fu Hanzheng followed the sound of her voice and came over to her. “What are you up to?”

“Reading the script. I need to join the crew in a few days.”

Gu Weiwei asked curiously, seeing that he was alone, “Where are your second and third brothers?”

“At the company.” Fu Hanzheng replied.

With Fu Shiyi guarding the company, Fu Shiqin should be able to work overtime without any complaints.

“Why don’t you try talking them out of fighting? They are brothers!” Gu Weiwei reminded him.

Fu Shiqin did really p*ss off Fu Shiyi this time.

His own brother had opened an alternative account and revealed so many bad things about him online, so that he had gotten so many hate fans.

No wonder Fu Shiyi turned down the job offer today just to hunt for Fu Shiqin.

“That is the fun in their life, no need to talk them out of doing anything.” Fu Hanzheng took hold of her and said indifferently.

They had already been fighting with each other for so many years since they were little.

Gu Weiwei. “…”

She truly had no words to counter him in this case because those two brothers were really having fun, by setting each other up.

At the headquarters of Fu’s Enterprise at the present moment.

Everyone was off work except for Fu Shiqin, who was working overtime on his post.

Fu Shiyi was at the company too and the moment he stepped out of the company, he would have trouble.

So he refused to get off work and started to devote himself to the tasks. Every now and then, he would say provocative things to the man outside.

Fu Shiyi was very p*ssed off but he did not dare to disobey his brother by starting a fight at the company.

However, Fu Shiqin knew his thoughts well, so he did not leave the company and gave him no opportunity to take revenge.

Soon, someone had desserts and cakes delivered to the place and all of them were the kinds that Fu Shiqin liked.

Fu Shiqin had been very hungry and when he saw the food he liked so much, he started to drool but Fu Shiyi placed them out on the table that was standing a few meters away from him.

Then he started to stuff the food into his mouth and made his brother watch.

Fu Shiqin could not stand it anymore. He tapped the table, feeling rather annoyed that he could not reach any of them.

“Third Brother, you have set me up so many times, I am just repaying you! What is the point of taking it so seriously?!”

“I set you up to your face, but you stabbed me behind my back!” Fu Shiyi bellowed.

He had even refused to believe that the Gossip Head was his own brother, when his sister-in-law reminded him about it… but the truth was the total opposite!

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