My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 293 - Between Brothers

Chapter 293: Between Brothers

Fu Shiyi looked at Gu Weiwei and his own brother and suddenly realized something. He slowly turned to Fu Shiqin.

Being stared at by three people at the same time, Fu Shiqin could not stop the sudden shiver in his hand that held the chopsticks and his eyes were flickering because of the inward guilt he felt.

He had tried to set up Fu Shiyi so that his brother could deal with Fu Shiyi when he saw the news about the rumored couple but what he had not expected, was that his brother cared nothing about his own brother but more about his girlfriend.

Because of what his girlfriend had asked him, he betrayed him without hesitation.

Fu Shiyi’s eyes were filled with the look of a killer and he said, with teeth tightly clenched, “You, Second Brother of the Fu Family!”

Fu Shiqin laughed dryly, dropped the chopsticks and dashed away from the table.

Fu Shiyi struck the table and ran after him as he cursed loudly.

“You, you have been so fascinated in setting me up, haven’t you?”

“You said that we were helping each other, but now you are stabbing me right in the back!”

Fu Shiqin ran as he explained.

“But you taught me to backstab between brothers! I picked that skill up from you!”

Seeing that he was unable to catch up with him, he removed his slippers and tossed them at him.

“I am so doomed to have been your brother!”

With slippers hitting him, Fu Shiqin rushed out of the apartment and all the way out onto the street.

Whenever he saw someone, he would point at the direction behind him and say, “Look, Shiyi the superstar is over there!”

In this way, Fu Shiyi was blocked by the passers-by and fans, so that Fu Shiqin was able to take a taxi and rush off.

Fearing that Fu Shiyi was going to take revenge at the company, Fu Shiqin made a call to Fu Hanzheng and asked for leave.

“Brother, I need to have a day off.”

“No.” Fu Hanzheng turned him down immediately.

He had thought about getting off work early so as to spend more time with his girlfriend today.

If he was not at work today, no one would be able to take over the work!

“Fu Shiyi will kill me if I am there, please let me leave from here first!”

Fu Shiqin was hiding around the airport and looking around, fearing that Fu Shiyi would pop up from somewhere.

“If you don’t go to work today, maybe he won’t be the only one that tries to kill you.” Fu Hanzheng warned with a cold voice.

He meant that he might be the other person who tried to kill him too.

“Brother, you betrayed me and now you are sending me to my death. You are so cruel!” Fu Shiqin almost collapsed.

If he went to work, Fu Shiyi would kill him but if he hid himself away somewhere else, his brother would beat him to death.

“I will give you one hour to come to the office. If you fail to do so, what you have bought for Fu Shiyi will be yours.”

Fu Hanzheng did not feel anything because of what he had done to his brother and threatened him instead.


Fu Shiqin felt so annoyed but what he said to his brother turned out to be something different to his emotions.

“Okay, I will go to the office, but you must guarantee that I will be safe there.”

Fu Hanzheng thought for a while and said, “As long as you are at the company, you will be safe.”

Hearing those words, Fu Shiqin gave up on the idea of running abroad and found a car to go back to the office.

He had just stepped into the company when Fu Shiyi followed up behind him but when he reached the 19th floor, Xu Qian stopped him.

“Third Master, it is forbidden to fight in the company, this is what Boss has said .”

Fu Shiyi glared at Fu Hanzheng’s office and cursed with his hands on his hips.

“You Second Brother, come out and fight with me!”

Fu Shiyi hid himself by the elevator and watched what was going on. His eldest brother did keep his promise of stopping Fu Shiyi.

So he walked out and bellowed at Fu Shiyi.

“I am not going out, you can come in if you want to!”

As long as he was at work, he would not be able to take revenge. With his elder brother around him, this man was not going to do anything!

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