My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 296 - Intelligence

Chapter 296: Intelligence

Seeing the dumb expressions on the brothers’ faces, He Chi truly regretted teaming up with them.

They established the Bringing Fu Hanzheng Down Team but after so many years, they had achieved nothing.

Instead, they had been mistreated by Fu Hanzheng numerous times.

“I think I had better quit the team.”

He finally realized that the reason why they were never able to bring down Fu Hanzheng, was because the twins were not smart enough.

Their original goal might be bringing down their eldest brother but when Fu Hanzheng did some antagonizing between them, they started fighting against each other instead, totally oblivious of what they were supposed to be doing.

“Damn you Chi, you made a vow when you joined the team! Once you are in the team, we are in the same boat and anyone who wants to quit will go through the death penalty!”

“If I continue to be with you guys in the team, my intelligence will be reduced.” He Chi snorted as he was bandaging them up.

During the past few years, they had never succeeded in accomplishing any of their missions but were brought down by Fu Hanzheng instead.

However he was different. Although he had been mistreated before, most of the time, he succeeded in accomplishing his mission.

“What do you mean He Chi? Are you looking down on us?” Fu Shiqin asked furiously.

He Chi snorted. “You are… not worth my attention.”

Unconvinced, they struck the table so as to counter him, only to scream in pain because their hands were injured.

He Chi said disdainfully, as he finished the bandaging, “Your eldest brother is fooling us all the time! Our team is better off disbanded as soon as possible, especially if it carries on like this.”

“Ha, you have been fooled before, right?”

Fu Shiqin was not pleased, so he tried to remind He Chi of his terrible experiences.

Fu Shiyi continued with a snort. “You were so mistreated by my brother that you called him Grandpa! Should I replay the video for you?”

He Chi was annoyed. He tightened his grip on the bandaging around Shiyi’s wounded hand, making him groan in pain.

After the three of them finished arguing amongst themselves, they started to analyze their past failures and the lessons they had learnt, deciding to rouse up their fighting spirit to continue on with their mission.

On the other side, Gu Weiwei had been asked to repeat the shoot three times by the contact representative of the product, when she was doing the commercial shooting as the ambassador.

After the third time, the commercial director received a call and said apologetically, “Miss. Mu, I am sorry, the contact representative is still not satisfied with what you have done, we may need to repeat the shoot.”

Although he personally thought that her three shoots had already presented the content of the commercials vividly.

Gu Weiwei frowned in silence. However her agent Jolin, could not help but to protest angrily.

“What is wrong with the shoot anyways? Tell us clearly! Our time is very precious too, if you keep asking us to redo if you won’t tell us clearly!”

They could have finished the work within an hour but they had already spent four, nearly five hours here.

The contact representative was obviously picking on his girl!

“Director, what about us talking with the contact representative before doing another shoot?” Gu Weiwei suggested.

If they went on like this, they would waste even more time.

The director thought for a while, made a call and brought the two of them away from the studio and towards the meeting room.

Jolin came in first and he was quite startled when he caught sight of the young-looking contact representative, seated in the meeting room.

“You are… the contact representative of the new product?”

The man looked like he was in his 20s, and he just could not believe that such a young man would be able to take over such an important project, showcasing the new product.

“Hey, I am Qin Lv, the contact representative of this project”

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