My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 290 - The Captain

Chapter 290: The Captain

Early in the morning, she got up at the same time as Fu Hanzheng.

They ate breakfast together and after that, Fu Shiyi came to pick her up to go to the airport.

Gu Weiwei checked the time, grabbed her luggage and was about to leave in a hurry.

“I am leaving now.”

Fu Hanzheng looked upset as he leafed through the morning paper and asked, in a seemingly nonchalant tone, “Forgotten something?”

Gu Weiwei thought for a while as she stood at the doorstep. “No?”

Fu Shiyi put on his sunglasses and reminded her speechlessly.

“Didn’t you notice that my brother is asking you to kiss him before you leave?”

He truly had no idea that his brother was such a two-faced man.

He was a lethally cold person in front of everyone else but in front of his girlfriend, he just couldn’t help but to showcase his flirty side, begging her for hugs and kisses.

Gu Weiwei drove Fu Shiyi out through the door, turned around and gave the man in the dining room a kiss.

“I am leaving now, I will call you when I arrive.”

“Okay.” Fu Hanzheng answered briefly and the slightly-raised lips revealed how happy he felt.

However, his delight was totally ruined the moment he arrived at the company and saw the video Fu Shiqin showed him.

In the video, Gu Weiwei and Fu Shiyi were at the airport and were supported by numerous fans, who were seeing them off with large posters of their pictures together.

Some of them even drew a huge heart in the frame, which upset him.

“See? Many people hope that they can be a real couple!” Fu Shiqin said as he pointed at the video on his phone.

However it was he, himself, who revealed to the fans their schedule, so that those fans were able to arrive at the airport according to the information they had received.

Fu Hanzheng looked cold and threw a side glance at him.

“What are you smiling for?”

“I am not! I am just feeling very angry for you! She is your girlfriend but she is the rumored girlfriend of your third brother…” Fu Shiqin said angrily.

Honestly, did he look so obviously delighted?

Fu Shiyi, who had just taken off on the plane, suddenly felt a bit anxious. With his hand over his heart, he said to the girl next to him.

“Who has revealed the schedule to those people? It was a secret, so where did these people come from?”

“How would I know?” Gu Weiwei was resting with her eyes closed.

Fu Shiyi’s legs dangled as he said anxiously, “I have a feeling that someone is setting me up.”

“You are being paranoid.” Gu Weiwei said.

“If those fans cause too much fuss, then my brother will give me trouble, if he knows about it.” Fu Shiyi shivered when he thought of how he was forced to go bungee jumping last time.

As long as his brother was jealous, he would do nothing to her but everything to him.

Gu Weiwei opened her eyes and said, as she looked at him sideways, “But you have already been mistreated so many times because of what you have done with Fu Shiqin.”

“If I am the cause of the mistreatment, I am totally fine with it but if I am set up, I will be very unhappy.” Fu Shiyi lifted his sunglasses and said with gritted teeth.

“I have asked my company to check on it. I will give the man who revealed our schedule a very hard time.”

“Isn’t your second brother the biggest suspect?” Gu Weiwei snorted.

They had always been in conflict with each other, ever since they were little.

Fu Shiyi waved his hand. “No way, we made vows when we formed the team and if he dares to betray me, he will have broken his vow!”

Gu Weiwei glanced at this dumb-headed person next to her, thinking that the title of captain truly suited him well.

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