My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 291 - Find that Man!

Chapter 291: Find that Man!

Treasure was one of the most popular reality shows in Hua Land these past few years and it was a contest that required a great deal of ability, talent and physical stamina from the contestants.

Fu Shiyi and Gu Weiwei were the replacement for the couple who could not make it to the show and they were going to accomplish the mission at the capital of music, Vienna.

There were seven couples for the contest, and since the couple they replaced ranked last when they left they had to be punished for this round – they were asked to reach all the mission stations on their own without any transportation help from the program.

The other couples, however, received transportation help from the program.

Gu Weiwei and Fu Shiyi had to find the nearest subway and take other public transportation. Fortunately, they found the right path.

The first level was to learn to make a Sachertorte at the local Sachertorte store and the cake had to be satisfying enough for the customers, before they were allowed to head to the next level.

It was a very easy task for Gu Weiwei who had been interested in making all kinds of desserts.

They received the recipe from the dessert chef and Gu Weiwei took the main responsibilities of making the cake, whilst Fu Shiyi helped alongside her.

They finished the cake before everyone else did and then they delivered the cake to the chef for its examination, before giving it to the guests of the restaurant.

A couple of minutes later, the manager gave them the clue card for the next level.

The second mission was to learn to play an ensemble song and the difficulties of the songs varied.

The more difficult the song was, the more valuable the information cards they received would be.

If they managed to play the song with the highest difficulty, they would get the fast pass card, which could be used to get over a mission that they did not like or want to accomplish.

Gu Weiwei and Fu Shiyi had a talk with each other and chose the song by Mozart with the highest difficulty.

Since Fu Shiyi always made mistakes during the process, it took them five times before the mission was completed but they still managed to be the first one to finish the second mission and got the fast pass card smoothly.

The missions that took place at this capital of music were mostly related to music.

Fu Shiyi, who was a singer and Gu Weiwei, who had learnt music before, were not at all disadvantaged.

They went through all the missions and finished the tasks of the first day, so that they went to the hotel before everyone else did.

As they returned to the hotel, Fu Shiyi asked the agent anxiously, “Did you find out who it was that revealed the schedule?”

The agent brought out his phone and showed it to him.

“It is from the blogger called Gossip Head. He has been revealing many negative things about you during the past few years and it was him who revealed the schedule this time too.”

Fu Shiyi went through the posts of Gossip Head and found that all of the news was negative and some of them were terrible pictures of him.

There were some posts that even showcased his pictures that were made into memes.

“Damn, what is wrong with this b*stard? Why is he ruining my reputation?”

The more Fu Shiyi was reading the posts, the angrier he became. He almost smashed Luo Jiaming’s phone.

He had heard that there was a gossip blogger who kept revealing bad news about him but he had never cared about it before.

So it had always been this Gossip Head person.

“I am looking into it but I don’t think he is part of the staff at our company.” Luo Jiaming said.

Fu Shiyi paced back and forth in the room and said with clenched teeth, “If he’s not staff from our company… then how does he know so much about me? We must find out who he is!”

“I know that a handsome man like me would never have any negative comments, unless someone is trying to make it happen!”

“When I find this man, I will chop his hands off, so that he will never post anything bad about me again!”


Far away in Hua Land, Fu Shiqin, who had been working overtime, violently sneezed.

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