My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 289 - Gentleness Towards Her Only

Chapter 289: Gentleness Towards Her Only

When Meng Ruya greeted him and was ignored, she was also forced to watch him spoiling his little girlfriend in his arms.

For a second, she felt so embarrassed but she did not want to give up so easily, so she called him again with a forced smile.

“President Fu, hello?”

However, Fu Hanzheng still ignored her, because he was in the middle of holding the girl in his arms.

Gu Weiwei was very anxious. Couldn’t he say something just to get the woman away from this place?

The staff who left work with Meng Ruya felt embarrassed. One of them came to tug at her sleeves.

“Manager Meng, let’s just… leave.”

Everyone in the company knew that President Fu spoiled his little girlfriend rotten and they were just in the middle of flirting with each other, so of course he was not going to talk with anyone else.

Meng Ruya did not want to continue bring embarrassed, so she left with the staff, looking p*ssed off.

Mrs. Fu was not helping her these days either. She told her that Fu Hanzheng and his girlfriend were in a good relationship and that they had decided to have babies too.

Although she was not going to be the daughter-in-law of the Fu Family, she would still be adored by Mrs. Fu as if she were her own daughter but without Fu Hanzheng as the end goal, she would not want to flatter her either.

However Fu Hanzheng kept his girlfriend so hidden that no matter how much money she had spent on finding out about this girl, her identity was still concealed.

After a long time, when she was not sure if they had gone, Gu Weiwei asked with a muffled sound, “All gone now?”

Fu Hanzheng glanced around the empty parking lot and said, “Someone else is here again.”

Hearing his words, Gu Weiwei hid herself in his arms, not daring to look up at all.

Fu Hanzheng’s lip corners arose, and he did not say a thing until he had indulged enough of her in his arms.

“Now everyone is gone, get in the car.”

Gu Weiwei looked up and glanced around, and then she rushed into the passenger’s seat and urged him to leave.

Since she was about to fly away from home, the following day, for the reality show, she did not return to the Fu Family’s old mansion but instead to Jinxiu Compound, so as to do her packing.

After dinner, Fu Hanzheng went into the study to deal with work and then he headed to the walk-in closet where he watched her pack.

He suddenly felt a bit distressed, when he thought of her being busy again and not being able to see her for another couple of months.

Gu Weiwei glanced at him sideways, sensing that he was not in a good mood, so she paused in her packing.

“What is it? I am still here and yet you are already feeling unwilling to let me go?”

“Yes, very unwilling to let you go.” Fu Hanzheng reached out for her and swept her into his arms as he mumbled, “Sometimes, I really want to chain you up here, so you are unable to go anywhere.”

But on the other hand, he also hoped that she could have a free and happy life being with him, not just as a canary in a cage that was restrained.

Hearing his words, Gu Weiwei poked his chest over his heart and said with a smile, “You have already chained me here, haven’t you?”

If he was truly chaining her so that she stayed next to him all the time, she might not feel anything but what he had given her was freedom, so she could do whatever she could, with him as her background supporter.

So he had managed to let her go physically, yet make her miss him emotionally.

He had been a cold person, yet he had given her the gentleness and heart that only belonged to her, making her fall into a wonderful place without being aware.

Slightly startled, Fu Hanzheng looked joyful again. He cupped her face and gave her a deep kiss.

Gu Weiwei warned as she felt the kiss getting deeper.

“Only kisses, nothing… nothing else!”

“Okay.” Fu Hanzheng said and gave her some more kisses.

Soon, Gu Weiwei regretted what she had said… because this clever man not only kissed her lips but also stripped her naked and kissed her all over her body.

He then said, with a reasonable tone, that she did not forbid him from kissing anywhere else apart from her lips.

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