My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 288 - Cute Uncle Fu

Chapter 288: Cute Uncle Fu

On this rare meeting, the three girls ate lunch and had afternoon tea together.

It was evening when she drove them home and she was just on her way when Fu Hanzheng’s call came in. She was driving, so she asked Ji Cheng in the passenger’s seat, to press the speaker.

“Where are you?”

“I am driving the girls home.” Gu Weiwei answered.

Ji Cheng could tell that it was from Fu Hanzheng, so she was very startled to see the ID on the screen – Baby Zheng.

Hearing what she said, Fu Hanzheng said, “Come to the office afterwards.”

Gu Weiwei answered. “What am I supposed to do there?”

“Pick me up from work.” Fu Hanzheng replied.

Gu Weiwei said, “Can’t you just go home by yourself?”

It was normally the girlfriend who was picked up from work by the boyfriend, not the other way around. How ridiculous!

Fu Hanzheng said, “Drive safe, I will be waiting for you.”

Having said this, he hung up.

With her eyes on her phone, Ji Cheng showed a very meaningful smile.

“Weiwei, it seems that your Uncle Fu is very loving inside. He sounds so cute.”

What she had read on the financial reports was that President Fu was a calm, mature and arrogant man who showed no concern for anything but work.

That was why she told Weiwei at lunch that Fu Hanzheng might be too old for her and that there might be a generational gap between them but this man called her and asked her to pick him up from work!

She had been wrong. President Fu looked calm and serious but inwardly, he was romantic and gentle.

Gu Weiwei smiled, feeling embarrassed. After she drove the girls home, she headed to the headquarters of Fu’s Enterprise to pick up their President. When she came to the parking lot, she called him.

After receiving the call, Fu Hanzheng briefly told all the top managers, including Fu Shiqin, about the key work that they had to do on overtime.

Then he dismissed the meeting and clocked off work.

“President Fu, there are still a few documents for you to sign and confirm.”

Fu Hanzheng checked the time. “Give them to me tomorrow morning.”

Fu Shiqin was very angry. The couple had been so flirty with each other at home and now he was shoving a great deal of work on him, whilst running off to go on a date.

Seeing Fu Hanzheng leaving, he logged onto his alternative account on Weibo called the Gossip Head.

Then he revealed a piece of news.

[Shiyi will attend the filming of a reality show with his rumored girlfriend, Mu Weiwei]

It was an alternative account he often used to reveal Fu Shiyi’s gossip and he had many followers.

Although Third Brother and Mu Weiwei’s rumors were suppressed, many people online had gotten hold of the news.

So when he revealed the news today, there would be many fans that supported the rumored couple and also see them off at the airport and when his brother knew about it, he would definitely be distressed and unhappy.

But if his brother wanted to take revenge on someone, he would go to Fu Shiyi, not him.

After revealing the gossip, Fu Shiqin felt much better and continued with his heavy work-load.

Fu Hanzheng went downstairs and pulled open the door, asking her to get out of the car.

“I will drive.”

Gu Weiwei had just gotten out of the car and was about to walk past the front of the car to the passenger’s seat, when she saw Meng Ruya and several staff, getting off of work. They had come down to the parking lot too.

She suddenly threw herself into Fu Hanzheng’s arms.

“Someone is here.”

Meng Ruya spotted Fu Hanzheng before everyone else. She adjusted her hair before heading towards him, only to find a long-haired girl with a slender figure leaning in his arms.

“President Fu, you are off work too….”

She had thought that he must have gotten tired of that woman after such a long time but unexpectedly, they were still together.

Fu Hanzheng didn’t even glance at her at all.

Instead, he gently kissed the top of the girl’s head in front of her and all the staff, spoiling her rotten.

“It is fine now.”

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