My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 280 - Payment

Chapter 280: Payment

When she returned from the company, she thought hard about how to tell Fu Hanzheng that she was doing the reality show with Fu Shiyi.

After all, even if she did not want to spill it, he would soon know about it and the moment she entered the apartment, Old Lady and Fu Shiqin were also there.

Old Lady was nagging about how Fu Hanzheng mistreated his own brothers.

“They are your brothers! You know what they are afraid of and you still scare them! You are not being like a real brother!”

Fu Shiqin sat next to her, looking pitiful as if he were a brother who had been mistreated.

When Fu Hanzheng heard the sound of the door and looked in that direction, he suddenly turned gentle and became full of joy.

Gu Weiwei went into the living room and asked joyfully.

“Grandma Fu, when did you come home?”

She heard that she went south for a treatment and she had just returned home.

Old Lady reached out for her and asked her to sit down by her side. Then she sized her up through her glasses.

“More chubby and prettier than before.”

Fu Hanzheng reminded her, as he saw her sitting for a long time next to his grandma.

“Come sit on my side.”

The Old Lady was displeased. “I have not seen Weiwei for months, what is wrong with her sitting next to me?”

Fu Hanzheng said, “She is my girlfriend.”

The Old Lady glanced at him with displeasure. “If I had not brought Weiwei home, you would not be with her!”

Fu Hanzheng, “…”

Fu Shiqin was trying so hard to hold in his smile that his shoulders were shakiing.

The Old Lady ignored Fu Hanzheng’s cold face and asked Gu Weiwei about her life and work.

Gu Weiwei glanced at Fu Hanzheng and said, “Work is going well. Soon I will be on a reality show with Third Master; you can see the show next month on TV.”

Having heard these words, Fu Hanzheng countered instantly.

“You are not allowed to go.”

He had just suppressed their gossip and now they were going to do a reality show. Were they trying to prove to the outside world that they were in a relationship?

“That is her job! What rights do you have to stop her from doing that?”

Before Gu Weiwei said anything, the Old Lady had already talked back to Fu Hanzheng.

“They are involved in rumors!” Fu Hanzheng said with a low voice.

“Everyone has gossip in the entertainment industry! You are so narrow-minded!” The Old Lady never spared any effort in countering her grandson.

Fu Shiqin nodded to show his agreement as he was still just sitting around.

They all said that Fu Hanzheng, the President of Fu’s Enterprise, was a man who had great foresight, was capable in business, and had a broad mind.

But all of this was just bullsh*t! He was so narrow-minded that he would take revenge on them when they said something bad about him and he would carry out the revenge without any warning! He was also very jealous even if his girlfriend was only just walking next to a man…

Gu Weiwei said to Fu Hanzheng, “It is already signed, we can’t say no to the contract.”

Fu Hanzheng’s face sank. “Only one of you is allowed to go on the show.”

The Old Lady countered immediately.

“You and Shiyi can go do the show and if he dares to say anything more, you can move in with me instead.”

She had just been away from home for a couple of months and now her two grandsons kept on shedding tears in front of her.

“Grandma!” Fu Hanzheng said with a low voice.

The Old Lady ignored him and said to Gu Weiwei, “I do expect you to become the granddaughter-in-law of our family but you can’t spoil him! You must take revenge on him, since he used to treat you so terribly! You must not let him take advantage of you.”

Gu Weiwei. “…”

The Old Lady said, “You are still too young to think about marriage and children, you can do whatever you want at the moment and if he doesn’t like it, he can’t do anything about it either, okay?”

Gu Weiwei nodded, trying hard to conceal her laughter.


Within one moment, Fu Hanzheng’s face looked unsightly.

On the other hand Fu Shiqin felt very happy inwardly and looked at his brother with a very pleased expression.

Well, well, well, payment always came.

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